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This Week on Twitter VIII

Faux Pelini's 2014 Bracket of Bo was released, Tom Osborne was mentioned on Jeopardy and Johnny Stanton's talked about his least favorite things. All that and more in the eighth edition of This Week on Twitter.

Mark Cuban's Warning: College Football as Well?

Mark Cuban warns that the NFL is ten years away from imploding due to oversaturation of the market. If he's right, his points apply to the college game as well.

NCAA Executes Three Envelope Joke

The NCAA's latest proposal regarding structural changes is just that, change for change sake. They're executing the Three Envelope Joke in real life.

Friday Night B1G Football: Good Idea or Bad?

The logistics of accommodating tens of thousands of fans at campus venues makes Friday night Big Ten football games a bad idea overall. That doesn't mean that the Big Ten should just limit themselves to Saturdays.

Offenses Too Fast? Should Targeting Be Reviewed?

A proposal to slow down up-tempo offenses has raised quite an uproar...does it cover up a fix to the new targeting rule?

Gay or Straight? It Doesn't Matter in Sports

Bottom line: athletes should not be judged on the basis of who they love.

Interactive map of all FBS recruits, 2002-2014

Where did all the FBS college football recruits come from in the 2002-2014 classes? CN presents an interactive map you can explore by team, conference, position, ranking, and other filters. Have fun!

Where Did The Big Ten Get Its 2014 Recruits?

Where did this year's Big Ten College Football Recruits Come From? Here's an interactive map broken down by location, school, position, and ranking! Feel free to explore!

Cobs: Michigan, Iowa, Ed Cunningham, & Bama Mom

Who's the worst of the week? Choose from Michigan, Iowa safety John Loudermilk, ESPN blowhard Ed Cunningham, and 'Bama Mom Michelle Pritchett

Gator Bowl: Georgia Bulldogs Preview

Nebraska and Georgia have a lot of similarities: an offense devastated by injuries while breaking in a youthful defense.


"All I Want for Christmas... Is Football!"

With ESPN choosing to cover NBA exhibitions instead of bowl games on Christmas Day, there is no live football to watch anymore. And that's a shame.

Georgia Suspends 2 DB's for Gator Bowl

Sophomore defensive backs defensive backs Josh Harvey-Clemons and Sheldon Dawson have been suspended for the Gator Bowl for violating team rules. Reportedly, the suspensions were related to academics.

What B1G Teams Will Win Their Bowls?

Seven Big Ten teams are playing in bowls, and the conference desperately needs bowl wins this year. CN takes Massey's ratings to examine potential outcomes.

Cobs: N. Illinois, OSU*2, SEC Defense, & Finebaum

Who's the worst of this weekend in college football? Our nominees include Northern Illinois, Oklahoma State, Ohio State, SEC "Defenses", Paul Finebaum's trolling, and replay refs who mailed it in on this last weekend of the regular season.

Championship Week Staff Predictions

Who's going to get those final BCS auto selections on Saturday? We try to figure it out for you all.

Preview Friday!!!

There's plenty of great football coming up this weekend! And the Husker volleyball team starts NCAA Tournament play tonight!

Cob of the Week: Bo, 'Bama, and West Virginia

This week's candidates for worst of the week in college football include Bo Pelini, Alabama's field goal unit (for historical suckage), Alabama fans (for their reaction), Alabama-Birmingham, and West Virginia.

Cobs: B1G Refs, Florida, Baylor, JFF, & Oregon

We originally were going to only nominate the Big Ten crew that worked the Penn State game for being the worst of the weekend in college football, but then we realized that Florida, Baylor, Johnny Football, and Oregon were too cob-worthy to ignore.

Cobs: NU Freshmen, Refs, Tressel Fans, Texas!

Whether it's Nebraska's freshmen fumbling away the B1G West division or fans ready to get the Huskers on NCAA probation, there's plenty of suckage this week. Don't forget the B1G refs, Cal, Texas, or West Virginia.

Cobs: MAC Refs, OU, Borges, Miami...

This week's candidates for worst of the weekend in college football include a coach fired for a profanity-laced tirade against his team, Oklahoma and Al Borges for inciting profane tirades from their fans, Miami for general suckages, and MAC refs.

Corn Nation B1G Power Poll: Week 11

The season enters the pivotal month of November. How do last weeks results impact where things stand in the Big Ten? The Corn Nation writers weigh in with this weeks power poll.

Cobs: Lewan, Fitz, Siemian, Purdue, & Va Tech

Taylor Lewan grabs facemasks, Fitz Toussaint can't walk his talk, Trevor Siemian can't run or throw, Purdue can't wait for basketball season, and Virginia Tech can't roll the clock back.

Cobs: Clemson, L'Ville, SEC, Iowa, Sparty, & Barf

Who's the worst of this weekend? Clemson, Louisville, SEC teams putting Mizzou on top, Michigan State's offense, Michigan's revisiting of RichRod, and Lee Barfknecht's weak trolling of Husker fans.

BCS Rankings Released - Huskers #24

The first BCS ranking of the season have been released, and Nebraska comes in at #24. The top four are Alabama, Florida State, Oregon, and Ohio State, in that order.

What To Watch During A Bye Week!

You're a Nebraska football fan and it's another bye week! You're bored! You're still a college football fan and you're wondering what to watch! Corn Nation has you covered with recommendations and this weekend's complete college football TV Schedule!

Predictions: Bye Week #2

The Corn Nation staff didn't take this week off at making terrible picks, so here are your Week 8 selections!

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