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Husker Recruiting Under Bo, a Review: 2010 Class


The final chapter - the class of 2010 was much celebrated at the time, but in the long run it was more notable for busts and transfers. But it did include Lavonte as well the current team's...

CF: SJB & That Good Feeling Going Away


Nebraska's Stanley Jean-Baptiste is rising in the NFL draft, but that good feeling about Nebraska basketball got washed away in a bad loss to Penn State.

Nebrasketball: Penn State Overcomes Huskers 58-54


There wasn't much about this game that anyone will look back on fondly. In fact, if you're a Nebraska basketball fan, there won't be anything as they dropped an agonizingly familiar game 58-54 to...


BASKETBALL Game Thread: Huskers vs Nittany Lions!

Nebraska got a big win over Ohio State at home in their last outing, but to make it count for anything but "feel good" status, they need to pick up a win on the road against a Penn State team...

Husker Recruiting Under Bo: The Class of 2009


Part 2/3 reviewing Bo's initial recruiting classes. We continue to have this crazy plan to determine how these classes actually played out instead of sticking with our original sure-fire analyses...

Nebraska Needs A New State Slogan! HELP!


Nebraska is in desperate need of a new state slogan and symbol. "The Good Life" just doesn't cut it anymore, and the Conestoga wagon is sooooo outdated. You can help us with suggestions!

Taylor Martinez Foot Injury Details Released


Details were released today about the foot injury Taylor Martinez suffered during the Wyoming game that caused him to miss the majority of his senior season at Nebraska. We provide further...

Recruiting Under Bo, a Review: Class of 2008


Hey, let's do something crazy & actually see how some recruiting classes rank out AFTER they've played a little football!

Breslow Ice Arena Does Not Equate to Husker Hockey


While NU officials are quick to say that the proposed Breslow Ice Arena would in no way mean that Nebraska is considering adding ice hockey as a B1G sport, an NU regent did say that the idea could...

Taking the Husker Air Force to the Next Level


No, we're not talking about Charlton Warren here. Nebraska's "air force" is maintained mostly through donor assistance. But is the barrier to entry too high for the average recruitnik?

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