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Five Reasons Nebraska Will Lose to Washington


Five Reasons Why Nebraska Will Lose to Washington. The Huskies aren't a pushover. They have weapons besides Jake Locker, and the Huskers have shown some weaknesses that can be exploited.

Breaking Down Some Keys to the Nebraska - Washington Game


Breaking Down Some Keys to the Nebraska-Washington Game - how will Nebraska handle Jake Locker's mobility?

Nebraska vs Washington - Huskers vs Huskies: A Series History


Nebraska vs Washington: A Series History - A look at the games between the Huskers and Huskies. There have been some great games between these teams over the years. Will Saturday's game provide the...

Corn Flakes: Martinez on the national stage


Some links to get you through the week until game time. I don't have to tell you the cats want this win. Bad Dog! Nebraska secondary to get tougher test from Locker - NCAA - Well duh,...

2010 Corn Nation College Football Pool Update


Here's our first update for this year's College Football Pool. We're covering the first two weeks, and as you can see below, the first week ended with a whole gob o' guys with very good records....

ABC/ESPN Coverage Map for Nebraska vs Washington - 2010


ABC/ESPN Coverage Map for Nebraska vs Washington - 2010. Those in the yellow will get the game on ABC. Those not should get it on ESPN2.

College Football BlogPoll Top 25: Oregon Moves Upward; Boise State Not So Much


This week's blogpoll is final. Nebraska dropped one spot to #8. Oklahoma rose six spots, while Oregon rose three. I remain a shameless Husker homer. Maybe more of them will see the light after this weekend is over, eh?

Taylor Martinez Is T-Magic? No. How 'Bout "Too Fast"?


Nebraska quarterback Taylor Martinez has been given the nickname T-Magic. It doesn't work when you look at the theme music. We're looking for something better, maybe something fast. Got an idea?

Revisiting the 2010 Washington Huskies


Washington lost to BYU in the season opener, but beat a bottom-feeder in Syracuse last week. Jermaine Kearse has put up impressive statistics at the receiving end of Jake Locker's throws, while...


Should Nebraska be concerned about the Washington Huskies?

It's pretty safe to say this will be the first test for the No. 8 ranked Cornhuskers this season.  Wins against Idaho and Western Kentucky, while slightly impressive, had much to desire from a fans...

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