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Nebraska Cornhuskers vs Idaho Vandals - Game Thread

Nebraska vs Idaho - Open Game Thread! Join us for witty banter as the Cornhuskers take on the Vandals!

Tom Osborne On Facebook?


Is Tom Osborne on Facebook? No, but the young man pretending to be Tom Osborne is doing a pretty good job of faking it.

College Football Predictions: 2010, Week Two


College Football Predictions, 2010 Week 2. Will the Tide Roll over Penn State? Are the Buckeyes nuts? What about Florida State vs Oklahoma - is it a big game, Bob?

Nebraska Football vs Idaho - Keys to Victory Over the Vandals


Nebraska plays the Idaho Vandals this weekend. The Vandals could be dangerous and the Huskers have to do a few key things to assure a win.

Time Warner: Big Ten Network Coming to Nebraska?


Time Warner will announce that the network will offer Big Ten Network to customers in Southeast Nebraska. Does the affect the rest of Husker Nation, or how will they find Big Ten Network?

Nebraska Pay Per View: Idaho And South Dakota State - Worth It?


If Nebraska fans want to watch the team play against Idaho (and likely South Dakota State as well), they'll have to plunk down $39.95 to do it. Is it worth it to see these games?

Revisiting the 2010 Idaho Vandals


Idaho shut out 1-AA North Dakota 45-0 last week despite struggling to protect start quarterback Nathan Enderle. That job won't get easier this week, as the Vandals now need to protect Enderle from...

College Football BlogPoll Top 25 Week 2: Boise State Inches Closer


The full blogpoll has been released, and Boise State has moved to #2. Nebraska moved up three spots to #7, and I am awarded the poll's second-highest shameless homer award. None of this is shocking.


Player Profile: Prince Amukamara

Over the past couple of seasons Husker Nation has come to know CB Prince Amukamara as the Husker's defensive lockdown corner. What many people do not know is that Prince was better known as a...

Corn Flakes: What if Martinez is that good?


I know it was Western Kentucky, I know it was one game, and I know we should be patient, not go into hyperbole (at least not on Wednesdays). But lets you and I talk for a moment, just as fans can....

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