College Football - National

College Football Will Die And Here's Why

It's not for the reasons you think....

NCAA cuts ties with EA Sports

Fallout from the O'Bannon lawsuit? Yes, yes it is.

Meaningless Award "Watch Lists" Announced

Taylor Martinez and Ameer Abdullah were named to the Maxwell Award Watch List. So were 74 other players. That gives you an idea of just how exclusive these preseason "Watch Lists" really are.

EA Sports NCAA 14 And Husker Football - Real Or No

EA Sports releases NCAA '14 on July 9th. They've made some heavy design changes for this season, including a hugely improved running game. Nebraska is highly rated on offense (91), but fairly...

Who's The Best Coach of 2013?

The best college football coach in 2013 is? The best offensive and defensive coordinators are?

Who's On My 2013 All-America Defense?

Picking a 2013 All-American Defense - lead by South Carolina's Jadeveon Clowney, the best college football player in the nation. Mostly safe picks here - players with a proven track record and...

Who's On My 2013 All-America Offense?

Picking an All-America offense can be difficult, but if you stay with "safe" picks of players who outperformed everyone in their position the year before, you should be okay. This is the players as...

Who's Going To Win The Heisman?

Who's going to win the Heisman? Here are my top three Heisman candidates. #1 I don't really expect to win the Heisman, but he should. #2 probably has a good shot. And #3... well, he probably will...

B1G Agreement with Yankees for the Pinstripe Bowl

Positives: It's Broadway and B1G Lights. Negatives: It's played in a baseball stadium in the bad part of town. And if you're lucky, it's not going to snow.

Gordon Gee Comments on Big Ten Expansion, Missouri, Kansas

SI published the full audio of Ohio State president Gordon Gee's remarks that got him into a lot of trouble, and our OSU site broke them down from a Buckeye perspective. There were a lot more than just insults, including this bit about Big Ten Expansion and how Gee thought it was a mistake to not include Missouri and Kansas (instead we got Rutgers and Maryland, so keep that in perspective): Because thought about adding Missouri and Kansas at the time. There was not a great deal of enthusiasm about that. I think we should have done that at the time. So we would have had Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas and then moved into that other area. I think, by the way, that that can still happen." You also get a rundown of how much Penn State hates Pitt, how everyone in Wisconsin hated Bret Bielema and that he was about to be fired anyway, and what the Big Ten might do were the ACC to show further signs of weakness.

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