Conference Realignment

Is Texas A&M Ready To March to the SEC?

The after-effects of the decision by ESPN to move a game from ABC to the Longhorn Network are still lingering, as Texas A&M is reexamining their commitment to the Big XII. Is conference realignment about to re-emerge, this time with the SEC looking to expand?

"Longhorn Network" To Televise Two Texas Games, Not Just One

ESPN is subletting ABC's rights to a Texas conference game to the Longhorn Network, forcing fans of a Big XII football program to have to watch a LHN broadcast and probably subscribe to the new Texas network to see their own team play. Meanwhile, Nebraska fans shake their heads and say "We told you so."

Big Eight Farewell: Iowa State

Iowa State doesn't have a long record of success in football, but there have been flashes in recent years for Cyclone fans.

Big Eight Farewell: Colorado

Colorado football was occasionally competitive during their time in the Big Eight and Big XII. But the "rivalry" with Nebraska was assuredly one-sided: Nebraska usually won, and only Colorado fans thought it was a rivalry.

Big 8 Farewell: Kansas State

The Nebraska/Kansas State "rivalry" was non-existent until Bill Snyder's "Miracle in Manhattan" resurrected the Wildcats football fortunes. Now, that series is over. We look back.

Big 8 Farewell: Kansas

One of the casualties of Nebraska's move to the Big Ten is the end of the Nebraska-Kansas series, which had gone on for a national record 105 straight seasons. The two programs seemed to be mirrors: one great in football, the other great in basketball.

Big 8 Farewell: Oklahoma State

Nebraska and Oklahoma State have a relative short, but memorable history as conference partners that comes to an end as Nebraska departs for the Big Ten.

Looking for A Happy GoodBye In Nebraska's Final Big 12 Season

Nebraska and Kansas State will meet for the 95th time Thursday night, the last as members of the same conference. While tradition dies, I'd just like to see one sign that shows we're all sad to see it end.

Nebraska Settles with the Big XII for $9.255 Million

Nebraska has settled for $9.255 million to exit the Big XII in the summer of 2011. This clears the way for Nebraska to move to a more stable conference, though at a cost in the short term.

A Complete Disaster If Nebraska Wins The Big 12?

What will be the long term affects on the Big 12 were Nebraska to win the 2010 conference championship? Would it be a complete disaster, or would Texas and Oklahoma be affected? What about the Big Ten?

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