Nebraska Football Recruiting

Thursday Recruiting Update

Things change, and so do the names that Nebraska has coming into and out of the '14 cycle.

One Week to NSD: Who can still be 'N'?

There are a few spots left in the 2014 recruiting cycle, and Nebraska hasn't taken any time off of going after the kids to finish off the class.

Husker Recruiting Under Bo, Postscript: 2011-13

I couldn't resist. here's a quick rundown of the last three classes as well

BOOM! RB Mikale Wilbon & WR Glenn Irons are 'N'!

The Huskers come down the stretch with two more verbals on the offensive side of the ball.

BOOM! OT Nick Gates is "N"!

The top ranked player in the state of Nevada gives his commitment to the Huskers Friday afternoon.

Husker Recruiting Under Bo, a Review: 2010 Class

The final chapter - the class of 2010 was much celebrated at the time, but in the long run it was more notable for busts and transfers. But it did include Lavonte as well the current team's signature hairdo. That counts for something, right?

Husker Recruiting Under Bo: The Class of 2009

Part 2/3 reviewing Bo's initial recruiting classes. We continue to have this crazy plan to determine how these classes actually played out instead of sticking with our original sure-fire analyses we made when they were 18 and had yet to play a down.

Recruiting Under Bo, a Review: Class of 2008

Hey, let's do something crazy & actually see how some recruiting classes rank out AFTER they've played a little football!

Taking the Husker Air Force to the Next Level

No, we're not talking about Charlton Warren here. Nebraska's "air force" is maintained mostly through donor assistance. But is the barrier to entry too high for the average recruitnik?

Recruiting Update: 2 weeks to Signing Day!

With only a fortnight til NSD 2014, what do the Huskers have on their plate to finish off the cycle, especially after a rough week? Let us take a look...

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