Conference Realignment

Maryland and Rutgers Join the Big Ten. Will there be any others?

Are Maryland & Rutgers Going B1G?


Rutgers and Maryland are apparently getting close to an agreement to join the Big Ten.

One B1G Year Later


How do Husker fans feel about Nebraska's move from the Big XII to the Big Ten after one year?

Big XII Roars Back To Viability With SEC Bowl Agreement


Does this agreement signal where the college football playoff is heading?

Losing Your Rivalry? In A Year You Won't Care


Texas vs Texas A&M, Missouri vs Kansas - two of the biggest rivalries in college sports die this year. Fans fo those teams shouldn't despair too much. By next season, they'll have forgotten about...

Big Ten and Pac 12 Collaborate - What Does It Mean For Nebraska?


The Big Ten and Pac 12 announced that they would be working together on scheduling each other in the non-conference part of the college football season. What does this mean for Nebraska?

Has OU and the rest of the Big XII lost all it's leverage against Texas? They still have one more missile they can fire.


If you want to survive cancer, you first have to control it and then remove it. If the Big XII wants to survive, it must act the same way.

Pac-12 To Stay, Missouri To SEC, Iowa State To MWC - Or Not - What's It All Mean?


The Pac 12 has voted to remain at 12 members, Missouri might join the SEC, and even Iowa State is talking to the Mountain West. What's it all mean?

ACC goes to 14 (16?); Pac-12 Adds Oklahoma, Okie State ... and Texas??? Will Notre Dame go B1G?


Conference realignment is about to go nuclear. The ACC seems poised to go to 16 teams with Syracuse, Pitt, and now UConn and Rutgers. Oklahoma and Oklahoma State are headed west, and now it seems...

Some signs point to yes for Notre Dame and Texas to the Big Ten. Some also point to no.


It's not possible that Notre Dame and Texas are in talks with the Big Ten. Is it?

Mudslinging in the Big XII hit a new high yesterday. Notre Dame and Texas to the Big Ten?


Everyone wants to sue everyone else in the Big 12, but the latest news is that Notre Dame and Texas may join the Big Ten.

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