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On The Street: People Respond To Playoff

After many years of talking about it, there's really going to be a playoff in FBS College Football next year. The College Football Playoff Selection Committee was announced yesterday. What do you think about that?

College Football Selection Committee Announced

The College Football Selection Committee has been announced. Nebraska legend Tom Osborne is on it, along with a bunch of other old men and one old woman. Their decisions will be based on whatever they feel like, and they will not be questioned. This

Cobs: Oklahoma, Michigan, Pooch Kicks, & Targeting

This week's nominees include two losers, a bone-headed decision that cost a team a shutout, and the NCAA's most hated new rule.

Cobs: W.Va, Big XII, Saturday Refs, Pelini, & More

West Virginia and Tennessee's Pig Howard get nominated for play on the field, while the Big XII, the officiating crew for NU/Illinois, and ESPN's David Pollack get nominated for their own brand of suckage for being the worst of the weekend.

Cob of the Week: USC, Tennessee, Minnesota, & More

Lane Kiffin and Southern Cal probably wins this running away, but there were a few more candidates for the worst of the week in college football.

Predictions: Bye Week #1 of 2013

No Nebraska game doesn't mean you're not getting the CN staff picks for the week!

Cobs of the Week: Arkansas, Michigan, and More!

Joining Arkansas and Michigan are Florida International (and the running clock), West Virginia, the Blackshirts once again, and athletic directors everywhere who gave a us a truly crappy weekend of football.

Looking At National Champion Coaches' Resumes

The fact that some coaches win national championships within a year or two of arriving at a schools belies a very important fact...prior to that arrival lies years of coaching experience at the college and NFL levels.

Cobs of the Week: Lots of NU, plus Refs & Texas

As much as we love to dish it out, we have to take it when our Huskers drop a turd into the college football punchbowl... so we'll see a heavy representation of Nebraska here. But we can't forget our friends on the Forty Acres.

Corn Nation Power Poll: Week 2

We took a critical eye, parsed out all the pertinent details and hashed out our rankings of all 12 teams in the Big Ten.

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