Corn Flakes: Baseball Update, Nick Saban Responds to Free Cars

Jon Johnston

A rather weird day in Big Ten baseball yesterday: 

- Minnesota beat Indiana 2-1 in 10 innings. 

Minnesota's Alec Crawford and Indiana's Joey DeNato each allowed a run before exiting, but Minnesota's Dalton Sawyer kept Indiana at Bay while Indiana reliever gave up a run after retiring the first two batters in the 10th. The Gophers came up with three consecutive runs, one of which was a second double scoring run by Connor Schaefbauer. 

 The Gophers also ended Dustin DeMuth’s on base streak at 45 games.

So.... Indiana is beatable. 

- Northwestern beat Ohio State 6-3. 

The Buckeyes, still an enigma. 

- Iowa beat Purdue 10-3. 

Well, nothing weird there, I guess. 

- Nebraska ended Illinois' seven-game winning streak, winning the first game of their series 2-1. 

Junior right-hander Chance Sinclair doubled his career high in strikeouts with 10, while Austin Darby and Ryan Boldt each homered. The Huskers have now won eight-straight games and are a perfect 7-0 in the month of May. With a victory today, the Huskers can gain at least the #2 seed in the Big Ten baseball tournament. 


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