Corn Flakes: WBB Earn #4 Seed, Meet Coach Warren!

David McGee

Huskers Claim No. 4 Seed in Los Angeles - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
The Nebraska women's basketball team earned the second-highest seed in school history, claiming the No. 4 seed in the NCAA Lincoln Regional when the 64-team NCAA Tournament field was announced on Monday.

Husker WBB earns #4 seed in NCAA Women's Tournament - Corn Nation
The game will be played in Los Angeles, California and televised live on ESPN2.

Huskers Finish 13th in AP Poll - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
Nebraska was ranked No. 13 in the final Associated Press women's basketball poll announced on Monday, March 17. It was the second-highest final ranking in school history, trailing only NU's No. 4 finish in 2010.

Six Huskers Named All-Americans -
Six Huskers Named All-Americans in Track and Field

What This Tournament Could Mean To You - Off Tackle Empire
Hopping in the Way Back Machine for a hot second before the Madness begins.

Michigan Stadium to remain dry; Texas testing beer sales before football season | Campus Union -

What does the Jeffrey Kessler NCAA antitrust suit mean? Q&A with Michael McCann | Campus Union -
A high-profile attorney filed an antitrust suit against the NCAA on Monday, presenting another challenge to the organization’s longtime model of amateurism.

Bracket Challenge

We are doing a Bracket Challenge. I'll be giving away a Corn Nation t-shirt. Not much of a prize, really, but there are rules and stipulations and all that shit. We'll have a formal post on it once I assemble all that and put it together in a package as required.

This is a pool on Yahoo, where all our contests will be run, per legal.

Join here.

Husker Football

Salt wrote this part!

Nebraska's N-Sider put out a short video about new Nebraska Defense Against Dark Arts secondaries' coach Charlton Warren!

"That sounds like two friggin' pillows hitting! It's tackle, we have pads on! Hit!" - Coach Warren

Appropriate that we have a former Air Force officer in charge of securing the air space of our defense, right?


Anyways, Steve Sipple reports that Warren's transition is going smoothly. ($)

Some player quotes:

"He says he feels like Santa - he'll give you a little break," [LeRoy] Alexander said. "But then on the third or fourth mistake, he'll bring out the military background. He'll take the hat off, and then you'll hear his voice get really deep, and he'll start yelling.

Said sophomore safety Nathan Gerry: "I didn't know if he was going to be one of those hard-ass, strict kind of guys. But he's a good guy. He communicates well."

So I guess we'll see if the players still like him in December, eh?

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