ESPN's Andy Katz talks Nebrasketball (PODCAST)

ESPN's lead college basketball writer, Andy Katz, joined 'Morning Take' on 93.7 The Ticket with Jake Sorensen and Lanny Holstein on Thurs., Feb. 6, to discuss Tim Miles and the state of Nebraska basketball on a national level. - Jeff Bottari

ESPN's Andy Katz joined 'Morning Take' on 93.7 The Ticket this morning with Jake Sorensen and Lanny Holstein to help give a national perspective on the job Tim Miles has done at Nebraska, and what he thinks the future looks like for Nebrasketball.

Okay, okay, I know.

Nebrasketball got absolutely blasted last night at Michigan against a very angry team that made the Huskers look like 8th graders.  We've seen the story before, with Barry Collier, Danny Nee, and Doc Sadler. Nebraska can't win on the road.  Same ol', same ol'.....right?

Despite that result, this young Huskers squad is still turning heads---not just on the local level, but on the national level.

ESPN's lead college basketball writer, Andy Katz, took the time this morning to join 'Morning Take' on 93.7 The Ticket with myself and my co-host, Lanny Holstein.While it wasn't quite as celebratory as we'd wished after a potential Husker win, Katz was quick to praise head coach Tim Miles for his social media awareness, and ability to get people excited about Husker basketball in the area.

Katz said that he believes it was a 4-step process for Miles to: a) create interest, b) create relevance, and c) create a very tough home court advantage.  He said the next step to finish the process is win on the road. He also says national writers have taken note of Nebraska undoubtedly.

Some quotes from the interview:

--Katz: "When talking to Tim about building a program of that stature in a conference like the Big Ten, step 1 was to make a home environment that made it tough for an opposing team to play, and he's done that."

--Katz (on Miles): "I don't know Bo Pelini, I only know him through the prism of television, but he (Miles) is the total opposite of that, and that's refreshing."

--Katz also mentioned that Miles is 'well-balanced,' unlike Fran McCaffery at Iowa who's more of a hot-head (always nice to get a dig in at Iowa!)

--Katz on Husker hoops: "They've got a great rival in Creighton that they need to take advantage of, and it could shift here soon with Doug McDermott moving after the year, so take advantage of that after the season and re-establish yourself in this state."

Katz also had great commentary on Terran Petteway and the handling of the Deverell Biggs situation. It's clear he knows what's going on with Nebraska basketball, which is refreshing for those of us who think we're all alone watching the team in the state.

Fans might also recall after Nebraska's comeback win over Indiana last Thursday, Katz led off his daily '3-Point Shot' segment talking about Husker hoops and their home court advantage, which can be seen here.

For the whole interview, click here.  It's about 12 minutes in length. If you're a big Husker hoops fan, or even just a casual fan, I think it's worth the listen.

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