Nebraska Extends Assistant Coaches' Contracts; Only Kaczenski and Els Get Raises

Bo likes defensive line coach Rich Kaczenski... - Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

The entire staff is now under contract through the 2015 season. But only Rick Kaczenski and Ross Els will receive a raise after a 9-4 season.

Nebraska athletic director Shawn Eichorst has signed one-year extensions for the assistant football coaches, except for offensive coordinator Tim Beck, who's contract was previously extended for an extra year. All of the assistant coaches on the NU coaching staff are now under contract until January 31, 2016. As reported by the Lincoln Journal-Star, Eichorst signed the contract extensions with chancellor Harvey Perlman's approval.

What's more newsworthy is that only defensive line coach Rick Kaczenski and recruiting coordinator/linebackers coach/special teams coordinator Ross Els received raises. Kaczenksi goes from $208,900 to $225,000 annually, while Els gets a raise from $230,000 to $238,900 each year.

The updated salaries for the Huskers football coaching staff are:

-- Tim Beck $700,000 ($700,000)

-- John Papuchis $310,000 ($310,000)

-- Ron Brown $254,800 ($254,800)

-- Barney Cotton $254,800 ($254,800)

-- Ross Els $238,900 ($230,000)

-- Rick Kaczenski $225,000 ($208,900)

-- Rich Fisher $200,000 ($200,000)

-- John Garrison $245,000 ($245,000)

It's easy to see reasons why Kaczenski received a raise:  start with Randy Gregory and continue with the rest of the development on the line with guys like Vincent Valentine and Aaron Curry. Els' raise might be somewhat controversial: the linebacking corps improved at the end of the season, but special teams have been abysmal. Recruiting is somewhat controversial; some fans aren't satisfied with Nebraska's recruiting in comparison to what other programs are doing, while others recognize the hurdles that Nebraska faces in recruiting due to it's location.

It's probably more noteworthy that the rest of the staff did not receive raises. Perhaps this is recognition that Nebraska's 9-4 season in 2013, while not a firable offense, didn't meet the criteria that justifies a raise. Eichorst did say through a spokeswoman that he wanted all of the assistant coaches contracts to be in sync; hence, Beck did not receive a extension since his contract already ran until 2016.

The Journal-Star also reports that Bo Pelini's annual evaluation won't be completed until later in February.  His current contract expires on February 28, 2018 and pays him $3,075,000 annually.

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