Nebraska Snags 2 More To '14, Adds Another Big Piece To '15 Class In Fantastic Weekend.


This is shaping up to be (possibly) one of the better recruiting weekends that Bo Pelini could possibly ever have in Lincoln, for not only the verbals this weekend, but the work that may pay off in the not so distant future.

We talked about Saturday's HUUUUUUGE day yesterday morning, and I said in the story that the commitments would keep coming.

Well, they did. And they may STILL not be over yet. First off, the 2 pieces for the '14 cycle.

DeAndre Willis, a DE/TE from Clay Central HS in Lineville, Alabama, committed to the Huskers early Sunday. While his rating (3 star .79 by 247) isn't the highest you'll find, the fact that several SEC schools like Ole Miss and Vandy as well as Clemson should help your opinion about how you feel on this.

(thanks gamechangerrs)

The second commitment was well known from last week, and does help with a insurance policy in case Zack Darlington doesn't play in Lincoln.

I've talked about him a lot lately, but AJ Bush finally pulled the trigger and said yes to the Huskers on Sunday also. Even with a 2 star, he was wanted by a fair amount of schools. But, the Husker love at the end of the cycle was enough to get the push.

(thanks 247studios)

Who loved the start of the 2015 cycle Saturday? Well, it got better on Sunday.

Avery Anderson, a Safety out of Pine Creek HS in Colorado Springs became the third commitment from Nebraska's Junior Day held on Saturday. The 4 star flipped his commitment from Arizona State to the Huskers.

(thanks.... Avery Anderson) These are his Sophomore highlights, BTW.

Now, you're going to ask about class rankings? Well, lets talk about those.

For the '14 cycle, Nebraska didn't come up too much. They went to 34th in the 247 national rankings, while getting up to 5th in the B1G. There are whispers there could be more commitments, and there are also whispers that a couple of players will be dropping out of the class.

Desean Blair listed Nebraska, Missouri, and Louisville as basically dead even, and word is that he'll make a decision on Tuesday. Corey Avery still doesn't have a Texas offer, and Nebraska looks good if the numbers match right now. Markell Boston could become a Husker if, IF Alabama or any other SEC school comes knocking between now and Wednesday. Kenyon Frison is still a toss up between Nebraska and Oklahoma, with Arizona State trying to keep him.

As far as folks dropping out, there's not anything yet that I have seen in concrete, so again, I'm not going to state anything till I know it's completely true.

To start with the rankings for '15, Nebraska is sitting well. While fully understanding that there's literally 52 more weeks to go in the cycle and a whole lot of things could happen, the fact that the Huskers sit at #2 in the B1G right now and #18 nationally speaks of the fact that the 2015 cycle could be one of the best years since, well, at the very least, the Callahan days.

The reason for this is going to be the small number of players Nebraska has to take, and that's a good thing. As I said yesterday morning, the Huskers are should only be taking no more than 18, MAYBE 19 kids in the class. For that small an amount, Nebraska needs to get in early and take kids who are going to be prime in their spots. When you have room for 26-28 kids, like in the '14 cycle, you can afford to take some risks. However, with a smaller class, you can't put those risks in unless you're really, REALLY sure they pan out.

There will be more #BOOM's come this week, and we're all ready for National Signing Day. Keep it here to CN for your best FREE source of Husker Recruiting News.

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