2013 Nebraska Football: Newcomer of the Year

Mmm...squawkeye. - Eric Francis

As we continue our review of 2013, we now look at the newcomers who made their mark this season. So who's your favorite new Husker from this season?

Tommy Armstrong

The redshirt freshman quarterback was thrown into the starting lineup after Taylor Martinez went down to a foot injury. He had his moments, like against Michigan where he led the team on a fourth quarter comeback against Michigan in the Big House.

But turnovers were a problem; it nearly cost Nebraska against Northwestern, and did two weeks later against Michigan State. But he gained a lot of experience and the respect of his teammates in 2013, which should help him in the upcoming season. For his freshman season, Armstrong completed nearly 52% of his passes for 966 yards and 9 touchdowns with 8 interceptions. He rushed 67 times for 202 yards and two touchdowns.

Randy Gregory

After sitting out 2012 due to injury, nobody really knew what to expect from Randy Gregory this season. I doubt anybody thougth that he'd be a first team all-Big Ten player by season's end. And by season's end, some people wondered if he'd declare for the NFL draft. He didn't, which means that he'll have a full off-season in Lincoln to train for 2014.

He led the Big Ten with 10.5 sacks this season, with 19 tackles on the season behind the line of scrimmage. He became quite the disruptive force in the passing game. Still has some work to do in stopping the run, but you've got figure that Gregory's ceiling is no where in sight.

Avery Moss

The redshirt freshman was impressive in 2013, recording 36 tackles (8 for a loss) and 4.5 sacks. He looked to be a bright spot on the 2014 defense until he found himself banned from campus after violating the terms of a residence hall ban imposed on him due to a 2012 indecent exposure case.

From a football perspective, that's too bad, because the combination of Moss and Gregory would have given Big Ten quarterbacks nightmares in the next season. But football shouldn't have any impact on discipline in cases like Moss'. So the lament is not for the decision to suspend Moss, but rather for Moss' actions which led to the punishment.

Jordan Westerkamp

The redshirt freshman developed a reputation on the scout team as having the best hands on the team. That came awfully handy on the final play against Northwestern.

For the season, Westerkamp caught 20 passes for 283 yards and that historic touchdown. He also caught 19 punts, with just 51 yards of return yardage.

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