Corn Flakes: Returns From Sunny Beaches

I ate it... damned right I did. - Jon Johnston

Mrs CN, the daughter and I took a few days for a college visit to Southern California. It was a good trip, including the college visit. I'd never really been to SoCal, and given that we drove to the airport in a blizzard, it was a much welcomed break from this nasty Minnesota winter.

What you're looking at is a Santa Barbara Spot Prawn. I had never seen one of these things, but I spied them in a Chinese place near Redondo Beach. I knew they were some kind of shrimp, but they were huge and rather scary looking. Mrs CN and I had lunch and on our way back through that area, I went into the Chinese place and asked the chef what they were. He let me take a photo of a dish he was preparing (a pound of them) and asked "Would you like a sample?". How could I refuse that?

I stood by the counter, and an older Chinese woman kept trying to tell me they were $35 a pound. I didn't want a pound, I just wanted one. She was a little agitated, and the chef came over and said "You know one is $7?". I didn't expect anything for free, so I said I'd try one.

He prepared the dish you see above. I told him i had no clue how to eat it, so he showed me how. He gave me chopsticks, and then roared in laughter as I nearly flung the thing across the table. He brought me a fork.

The tail is eaten raw (it was still twitching when I ate the tail), then they take the head and deep fry it. You then break it open and eat everything inside, which I did.

The tail was delicious, the head... not as much.

But I thank Jun (sp?) for taking the time to prepare the dish and then teach me how to eat it. We both laughed all the way through the process.

Like I said, it was a great trip. Sun and beaches and then more sun. Sunny beaches. Oh, and a college visit.

But I'm back in action now!


Arkansas' Bret Bielema's reputation has taken a considerable hit - College Football - Stewart Mandel -

Fourteen humbling months later, Bielema's reputation has taken a considerable hit. While some rebuilding was expected on the heels off Arkansas' 2012 season of limbo under interim coach John L. Smith, Bielema's '13 Razorbacks went 3-9 and endured their first winless conference campaign since 1942. On consecutive weeks in mid-October, they lost to South Carolina 52-7 and to Alabama 52-0.

That's really disappointing, isn't it?

Economist: College football like NFL -- but for no pay

"There is an economic definition of the word 'exploitation,'" he responded. "A worker is exploited … if their economic value is greater than their wages. … By that definition, they are exploited."

"They" here is college football players.

Report: Texas to begin beer sales at athletics events - Burnt Orange Nation
The women's basketball game on Tuesday evening will mark the first chance for Texas fans to consume beer at a athletics event, according to a report from Orangebloods. Sales will then expand to other sports, potentially including football.

NCAA Wrestling Rankings: Final Dual Poll - Black Shoe Diaries
With the dual season in the books, let's give one last look before turning our attention to Big Tens and Nationals.

UNL | UNL News Blog | Expert Alert: Thoughts on the upcoming Oscars by film studies prof Wheeler Winston Dixon

Wheeler Winston Dixon, Ryan Professor of Film Studies at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, is an internationally recognized scholar of film history, theory and criticism.

He didn't use "Winston" when he was my prof for film, but I enjoyed having Dixon for a teacher. He had a great sense of humor, and he had an amazing depth of knowledge about his subject. At one point, I wanted to get into the film industry as a sound guy, but that never materialized.

Big Ten Basketball

Big Ten Bracketology: Nebraska Rising - BT Powerhouse

As Minnesota fades from NCAA relevancy, Nebraska is trying to play their way into the NCAA Tournament.

I'm not going to worry about predicting whether or not the Huskers can make the Big Dance, I'll leave that to other guys here on the site. Main thing is what amazing growth we've seen in just two years under Tim Miles.

Miles Gives Serendipitous Fans a Unique Gift - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
A week ago, Kelli Britten, 28, and her husband Tony, 29, drove back home to Lincoln after spending a serendipitous weekend in East Lansing, Michigan, where they saw their beloved Husker basketball....

Gophers Defeat Iowa 95-89 - The Daily Gopher

Minnesota keeps their tournament hopes alive for another day by beating Iowa 95-89 in Minneapolis. The Gophers handed the Iowa Hawkeyes their second straight loss...

The Gophers shoot 22 points over their usual rate, the Hawkeyes can't keep up, and the wheels could be coming off.

Huskers WBB make 16 three-pointers; maul Penn State 94-74 - Corn Nation

The junior guard tied the Nebraska record of seven three pointers while Hooper recorded her eleventh double-double of the season in a massive win over #8 Penn State.

The women have played themselves back into contention, tied in second place with Michigan State at 11-3. Penn State is still in first at 12-3, but the win over them makes anything possible.

Big Ten Football

MSU football significantly increases coaching salaries - The Only Colors

One of the best bargains in college football couldn't last forever.

Dantonio up to $3.64M, Pat Narduzzi up to $904k, making the MSU DC the highest paid assistant in the Big Ten.

Darius Slade: The road to Ohio State - Land-Grant Holy Land

Before flipping to the Spartans and then eventually ending up with the Buckeyes, Slade was committed to play for Big Ten foe Nebraska. "I committed to Nebraska the week after the state championship game. At the time I was so pressured with the process and I was tired of the whole recruiting process and didn't give myself enough time to think about committing. Nebraska is a great school and I think it's a place I could've gone and succeeded, but I just wanted to end my process. I thought by doing that I could just go to a school and get out the entire process," Slade said. "Once I went to an All-American game and I noticed what it was like to be so far away from home, I got some time to think to myself and when I came from the game, I knew I didn't want to be that far away from home and wanted some time to think about my decision. I got back and officially decommitted from Nebraska."

Geography. What a pain in the ass. At least he said nice things about Nebraska.

Report: Jim Delany exploring Friday night Big Ten games -

Jim Delany is reportedly seeking out 'feedback' on whether the Big Ten should play football games on Friday nights.

Doesn't the MAC play Friday night football? Do we really want to go there? How 'bout we think about playing on Monday Night instead? Screw the NFL. Who watches that anyway?

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