Huskers WBB make 16 three-pointers; maul Penn State 94-74

When Tear'a Laudermill woke up Monday morning, one of the last things she expected was seeing her brother Theron. A few hours before tonight's game, Tear'a's family, including her brother, surprised her by making the trip from California to watch her play. She broke down crying with tears of joy. It would be the first time her brother would see her play a game of college basketball in person. The rest is history.

First Half

The Husker got off to a really hot start dropping their first three pointers to take an early 13-5 lead.  Huskers got a couple more thee pointers from Hooper and Laudermill and quickly ended their lead to 21-7.  Seems like nothing could stop the Huskers early on and everything was falling for them.  The game slowed down a bit after the refs called a couple fouls on the Huskers but they still had a big 24-11 lead going into the second media timeout.

The chemistry and teamwork by the Huskers was phenomenal at this point in the game.  Penn State cut down the lead a bit but they still couldn't stop Tear'a Laudermill who has been on fire as of late including starting off the game hitting her first five three-pointers.  The Huskers still maintained a ten point lead with eight minutes remaining in the first half.

The Huskers continued to have a really strong first half and ended the half on a 14-2 run to take a 52-30 lead going into the break.  What an unbelievable first half performance.  Everyone was hitting their shots especially Tear'a Laudermill.  She was 6-7 from beyond the arc and led the team with 22 points in the first half.  As a team the Huskers were shooting 19-28 from the field (67.9%) 11-14 from beyond the arc (78.6%) which is the second highest three point percentage in a women's college basketball game this season.  Ariel Edwards lead the scoring for the Nittany Lions with 16 points but their leading scorer Maggie Lucas was held scoreless.  Penn State was shooting 4-9 from beyond the arc (44.4%) and 13-28 overall (46.4%) in the first half.

Second Half

Although the second half started off a bit slow the Huskers continued to fire on all cylinders.  Laudermill, Hooper, Theriot and Cady were all hitting their shots and Nebraska jumped out to a massive 75-43 lead with 12 minutes remaining in the game.  At this point the Huskers were shooting 14-18 from beyond the arc.  However, the Nittany Lions started to pick up a lot of steam and went on a 14-1 run.  This forced a Husker timeout and a bit of the crowd seemed to get a bit nervous but the Huskers started the pick things up against with three pointers from Theriot and Hooper. Yori called off the dogs with 2:55 left in the game and put in her freshman and sophomore players and the Huskers cruised to a 94-74 victory.

Post-Game Notes

Jordan Hooper summed up the team's performance with a short statement: "You can't play much better on offense."

"We were definitely ready for this...we prepared really well, knew exactly what they were going to do," Hooper said.  She finished with her eleventh double-double of the season (19 points, 10 rebounds) and her teammate, Rachel Theriot, collected 17 points and eight assits.

Nebraska shot a mind-boggling 16-22 (72.7%) from beyond the arc tonight which the second highest number of three pointers made and eight highest three point percentage in school history.  Tear'a Laudermill tied a school record making seven of her ten three point attempts to go along with her career high of 27 points. "Coach (Yori) gave me the green light, so I kept shooting," Laudermill said. "We were ready, fired up...knew what we had to do."

Penn State head coach Coquese Washington said it was her team's worst performance of the season. "They were just clicking on all cylinders tonight and when you meet up a team that's having one of those's tough to beat them," Washington said. "They capitalized on opportunities when they had open shots. They pulled the energy from the crowd."

Ariel Edwards led the Nittany Lions with 24 points while Maggie Lucas finished strong scoring of all her 17 points in the second half.

Husker coach Connie Yori can rest a little easier tonight knowing this week likely booked her team a spot in the NCAA women's tournament but her team still has a shot at the regular season conference title. "Our players gave great effort and played extremely well," Yori said. "Tee (Laudermill) making all the shots set up our offense for good things to happen."

Penn State's record falls to 21-6 overall (12-3 B1G) and have one regular season matchup remaining against Michigan before the conference tournament.

Nebraska's record improves to a 21-5 (11-3 B1G).  They have one remaining home game on the schedule on Thursday at 7:00 versus Illinois before they hit the road for an exciting regular season finale against Purdue on Sunday at 1:00 p.m. which will be televised on ESPN2.


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