The Mount Rushmore of Blackshirts: Highlights & Results

The highlights and best comments from the latest Mount Rushmore poll.

A couple days ago we asked you to let us know who YOU think should be on the Mount Rushmore of Blackshirts. This question sparked some great debate and lent itself to some comments we would like to highlight below:

  • redvalley campaigned the board to not forget the "handsome factor" when putting together their lists
  • Robsa vowed to make a Mt. Rushmore out of snow the first chance he got
  • RevengeOfTheBlackshirts' rationale on leaving out Lavonte David from his list: "Cause I like to party". Seems legit.
  • brutus1382 made the case for Demmorio Williams: "He did everything for the teams he was on, at LB on 1st and 2nd down, then sliding down to DE for 3rd. And those were statistically some good defenses compared to the rest of the teams in the NCAAs those years."
  • Provelt assumed the Blackshirt Mt. Rushmore Corn Nation Knoll faces Southwest to defend the state from Colorado fans

With all that being said, your Mount Rushmore of Blackshirts based on your recs and comments is..

Rich Glover, Ndamukong Suh, Grant Wistrom, and Willie Harper

Here is how the voting broke down...

Foursome Votes:

  • Glover, Suh, Wistrom, Willie Harper (5)
  • McBride, Glover, Suh, Wistrom (3)
  • Suh, Wistrom, Barrett Ruud, Mike Brown (3)
  • McBride, Suh, Wistrom, Broderick Thomas (2)
  • Glover, Suh, Mike Brown, Wistrom (2)
  • Wistrom, Suh, John Dutton, Jimmy Williams (2)
  • Suh, Wistrom, Mike Brown, David (2)
  • Suh, Wistrom, David, Glover (2)
  • Suh, David, Wistrom, UNDECIDED (2) - come on!
  • McBride, Suh, Wistrom, David
  • Suh, Wistrom, Alberts, Novak
  • Novak, Suh, Wistrom, Glover
  • Suh, Glover, Tomich, Alberts

Individual Votes:

  • Suh (27)
  • Wistrom (26)
  • Glover (14)
  • Mike Brown (7)
  • David (7)
  • McBride (6)
  • Harper (5)
  • Barrett Ruud (3)
  • Broderick Thomas (2)
  • John Dutton (2)
  • Jimmy Williams (2)
  • Alberts (2)
  • Novak (2)
  • Tomich (1)


It's interesting to see that the Suh, Wistrom, Glover, Brown foursome didn't receive more votes since individually they took in most of the votes. The top three vote-getters were three of the most dominant defensive lineman to ever play the game. Just imagine all of those guys on the same line. SCARY.

What do you guys think of the results? Let us know in the comments section.

Next up: The Mount Rushmore of Native Nebraska Football Players

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