Corn Flakes: Kain Colter Shoots At Everyone, Misses

David Banks

Kain Colter/Northwestern football Union hearings: Northwestern is a bad test case. Northwestern is the best test case - Sippin' On Purple

Tuesday's union hearings revealed Northwestern might not be the ideal place for college football players to begin unionizing. Which kind of makes it the best place for them to begin.

Interesting article, especially the points about how much time Colter says was required to be a football player and how controlled his life was.

Unfortunately, Colter thought his job was to shoot at everyone possible, including this one directed at your favorite university.

Well, first of all, Nebraska is more NU than Northwestern, so that one falls apart.

Second, Colter spends a lot of effort pointing out that Northwestern steered him away from tougher courses, put him behind in his pre-med track and basically drove home the idea that they weren't horribly concerned with his academics, I'm kind of glad that Nebraska isn't Northwestern.

Am I being defensive? Yes.

There is a lot going on here. We shouldn't lose sight of that just because Kolter thought he'd be cute in answering a question.

John Calipari's face is the Internet's best reaction GIF -
The more you watch, the better it gets!

Big changes fill the list as big names fall to mid-majors - college baseball - ESPN

Oregon State holds at the top, but many other big names fall as mid-major upsets abounded in college baseball first weekend.

Most of the Big Ten did what they normally do - lay eggs on opening weekend. Indiana lost three straight to Texas Tech, Nebraska lost 15-7 to Oregon State, and Purdue got stomped by Tennessee (one game they lost 20-2). Let's hope this next weekend is better, huh?

Oklahoma reports itself to NCAA for excessive pasta consumption -
The latest example of NCAA rules being weird and dumb!

Phillies Accused Ben Wetzler Of NCAA Rules Violations -

Oregon State senior lefty Ben Wetzler is still awaiting a ruling on his eligibility, after the Phillies contacted the NCAA to accuse him of rule violations.

When exactly does the NCAA act as a spirit squad?

Stars Do Matter: The Over-achievers and Under-achievers | mgoblog

Matt Hinton has annually done the yeoman’s work showing year after year showing how recruiting rankings matter. Brian linked to this year’s edition already and it’s worth taking a look at. Building off of that idea, I wanted to look at which teams and coaches were the biggest over and under achievers in the business.

Interesting..... you need to read that one.

2013 college football defensive line rankings: Who stood up to run blocking or rushed the passer best? - Football Study Hall
Run defense and pass rush rankings for college football defenses in 2013.

2013 college football offensive line rankings: Line yards, opportunity rates, etc. - Football Study Hall
Run-blocking and pass-protection stats for the 2013 college football season.

The B1G Coach's Corner: Getting Open Looks - Off Tackle Empire
Introducing you to CoachEJ's B1G Coach's Corner, where today he's looking at how Coach Collins looked to get JerShon Cobb open looks against Minnesota to ultimately keep the Wildcats in the game.



Offseason depression has hit me hard this week. I wish I were kidding about that, but I'm not. It happens every time - maybe it's seasonal. That's a stupid statement - of course it's seasonal. Fortunately I have an understanding boss and a supportive wife, otherwise I don't know where I'd be.

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