Nebraska Gets A Big Commitment To Help Finish '14 Cycle, Even Bigger '15 Opening Booms


Three commitments on the final weekend of the 2014 recruiting cycle is a good thing. Getting 2 more big time verbals to start the 2015 cycle is even better, and more commitments should be coming later today.

Nebraska had some massive #BOOM next to their brand on getting at least one commitment to the 2014 cycle, and starting out the 2015 one with a couple of big ones. And while there were bombs coming over everything on Saturday, we can expect more out of Sunday as well.

First off, we will talk about the 24th member of the '14 cycle.

Blake McClain, a DE from Sandalwood HS in Jacksonville, committed to the Huskers on Saturday evening. McClain, who was a Florida State verbal til he found out that plans had changed with the Seminoles, picked the Huskers over South Carolina, who gave him a in-home visit on Friday before he went out to Lincoln.

(thanks Josh Newberg)

Right now, that's all we have as solid commitments as far as 2014 cycle kids go. I am still expecting to hear from (at the very least) from 2 players minimum. Whom you ask? Well....

I spoke of AJ Bush the other day, the young man who looks like he will be the second QB in this cycle next to Zack Darlington. Markell Boston is also in the picture. He is the one with the commitment to East Carolina. Both, more than likely, will be becoming the final (probable) pieces in the puzzle.

There is some talk about a couple of players falling out of the class due to grades, but since there's nothing I have confirmed yet, we'll let those rumors lie till NSD on Wednesday.

As the Huskers finished up their 2014 visits, they also brought in some folks for 2015 Junior Day, which is similar to a Big Red Weekend. And, to be quite honest, the staff is starting this cycle in some grand fashion.

To start off, we'll talk about Kendall Bussey, a RB out of Isidore Newman HS in New Orleans. He isn't ranked yet by any major service, but he will be. How do I know this? Watch the video and you'll see what I mean. For those thinking that Newman HS rings a bell, they did produce a couple good QB's in the 90's. You've probably heard of them, the Manning brothers? Maybe, I dunno. Could be stretching here...

The biggest #BOOM of the whole day, however, was the commitment of the top player in the state of Colorado according to 247 sports. Eric Lee, a Cornerback out of Valor Christian HS in Littleton, Colorado, gave his commitment to the Huskers. Lee had not garnered a lot of offers yet, however it's great that Nebraska got in early on him and got something out of his visit to Lincoln. Here are his Hudl highlights from his Junior year.

It sure made his HS coach happy.

Considering that the Huskers may only have a maximum of 18 or so spots for the '15 class (even with oversigning by 3 spots), it's imperative that Nebraska gets as many good kids in these few spots. There are several good Juniors in Lincoln this weekend, and do not be surprised if you hear more explosions before the Super Bowl.

Whatever happens Sunday, we'll have a full wrapup for you on Corn Nation.

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