Here's a picture of a horse - Derek Leung

Devo guitarist Bob Casale dead at 61 -

Devo founding guitarist Bob Casale died Monday after medical complications unexpectedly led to heart failure, his brother Gerald said. Bob Casale was 61.




This is going to keep happening as life goes on, isn't it?

At the bottom of this is the "Beautiful World" video. Devo sold the song to Target for an ad. Watch the ad and then watch the video of the song. You think Devo was laughing all the way to the bank? Target had to realize that 99% of everyone would not recognize the fact that the song was done with a horrible amount of satire.

Devo did sarcasm better than anyone. Their hit, "WHIP IT" was an attempt to make money, but not their best stuff, and then Mark Mothersbaugh did the Rugrats theme and I don't know what to say about that other than laugh.


Cross-country skiing, or why you'll never be a secret Scandinavian -

It's almost -- almost -- like hunting another person, or being hunted by another person, a tedious lunacy ended only by the fatality of the finish line.

Week 16 B1G Power Rankings - Badgers Rise Again - BT Powerhouse

Check out this week's Big Ten power rankings as voted by BTP's staff.

Nebraska is at #6. We didn't go up for a long time, and now we're #6. Funny what a road win does for you.

Child's father arrested in connection with Pot Cookies incident - News, Weather and Sports for Lincoln, NE;

Lincoln Public School officials say an Irving Middle School student admitted to bringing cookies laced with marijuana to school Tuesday.

76ers sign Kevin Grow, high-schooler with Down syndrome, to 2-day contract -

Grow, who has Down syndrome, came off the bench to score a bunch of points for his high school team.

Game between Iowa Hawkeyes, Indiana Hoosiers postponed after piece of ceiling falls - ESPN

"Safety is our No. 1 priority," Glass said in the initial release. "Our university engineers have advised us to postpone events in Assembly Hall until it can be determined what caused the facing to fall and ensure the safety of everyone attending an event in the facility."

That's always the line AFTER something falls out of the ceiling, isn't it?

There is a national shortage of clowns | Mail Online

They used to be the centerpiece of any circus or children's birthday party, but it may well be that clowns could be consigned to history - there is a national shortage.

Well, shit.

And then there's this...

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