Corn Flakes: College Baseball Season Begins

Jon johnston

College baseball season begins today all across the nation. It is so wonderful having a uniform start date, although I will not hesitate to point out the irony that there will be problems across some of the South due to problems with the weather. Maybe they could get around that by, oh, I don't know, starting the season later?

You might have noticed, but SBNation has created a college baseball super group, so if you're an uber college baseball fan, bookmark that for news from around the nation. The network is covering the sport more than ever before!

Below is a mess. I'm still trying to finish up some other things, and you're just going to have to put up with the random nature of today's flakes (as if today is any different than any other).


NCAA rules committee member says there’s ‘not really much hard data’ supporting defensive subs proposal | Dr. Saturday - Yahoo Sports
However, an NCAA rules committee member says that there's "not really much hard data" supporting the player safety angle.

Coaches express outrage over proposed no-huddle rule change - College Football - Stewart Mandel -
On Wednesday around 5 pm. EST, a soon-to-be-controversial NCAA press release hit the Internet. It detailed two changes proposed by the Football Rules Committee following their two-day meeting this week in Indianapolis.


Substitution proposal no B1G deal - ESPN
The Big Ten greeted the news with relative silence, mainly because the proposal – hardly a guarantee to go through – likely wouldn't make a big impact in the conference. Although several Big Ten teams run spread offenses and ramp up the tempo, none figures to be dramatically altered if the proposed rule change is approved.

Proposed NCAA rule could slow down Ohio State - Land-Grant Holy Land
A new rule proposed by the NCAA Rules Committee could aim to slow down the fast paced Ohio State offense – at least situationally.


Google Completes College Stereotypes...or, We're Just Really Bored Here. - Off Tackle Empire
Can it be football season again?

Rutgers to pay $11.5 million to leave AAC this year
Rutgers will pay $11.5 million to the American Athletic Conference as part of an agreement that will allow the school to enter the Big Ten this summer.

A Treatise on Tom Crean - The Crimson Quarry
Tom Crean is and will continue to take a lot of heat. But my feelings are more mild.

Bracketology Minnesota Basketball NCAA Tournament: Gopher Basketball Resume Watch 3.0 - The Daily Gopher
Time for another check up on our NCAA Tournament resume. You may recall the last time we looked at the resume we were coming off a four-game stretch against what was at the time four teams in the top 15 nationally.

Hoosier Baseball 2014 Primer: BACK TO OMAHA - The Crimson Quarry
Expectations are high, but this team is more than capable of living up to them.

The Rejection of Myron Rolle: The NFL wanted him ... until he was named a Rhodes Scholar -
The NFL wanted him ... until he was named a Rhodes Scholar.

Bull Run Remembers Flight 3407 - Bull Run

This post is part of a four-part project by the Bull Run team to remember and honor everyone lost and affected by the Crash of Flight 3407 five years ago today on February 12, 2009.


Numbers Game: Huskers Lost Ground in 2013 - Hail Varsity

Today we’re going to talk about what should be the primary concern for Nebraska headed into 2014 — field position. That’s related to turnovers but also encompasses special teams play, the other popular topic from 2013 and we’re talking about it now because of this fact: 2013 was Nebraska’s worst year yet under Pelini from a field position standpoint. Worse even than the 2007 season where the Huskers went 5-7.

I wish Hail Varsity would add RSS to their site so I wouldn't miss their stories.

Florida State, Alabama top re-ranked 2011 recruiting classes - College Football - Andy Staples -

Florida State, Alabama, Auburn, Stanford and Oregon top Andy Staples' re-ranked 2011 recruiting classes based on actual on-field production.

Look at Sparty! (And Nebraska linebacker Jamal Turner has been a bust for sure.)

Nebraska 67, Illinois 58: Whatever, I Guess - The Champaign Room
Here's your concession speech.

The story of the Nebraska cowboy who invented ranch dressing -

A popular condiment on salads, burgers and sandwiches and a dip for vegetables, pizza slices and deep fried food was developed by a former resident of York County.

What the hell. Hidden Valley Ranch and Dorothy Lynch, both from Nebraska. Ms. Lynch doesn't even come in a close second, though.

Curtis, Neb. wins 2014 water taste test February 12, 2014

Water from Curtis, Neb. was named the best tasting in the nation at the 2014 Great American Water Taste Test, held on February 12th in Washington, D.C.

HAHAHAHAHA This is my hometown. Next time I'm back I'm collecting gallons of it to mix with my whiskey. No wonder things haven't tasted right for years. I was spoiled young.

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