Corn Flakes: What Are You Doing This Offseason?

Guy Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

I forgot one more thing about last weekend.

I finally beat Borderlands 2.

You can congratulate me in the comments section.

It does beg the question - what are you doing this offseason?

Me, I don't watch a lot of TV shows any more, at least not on regular TV. If I watch them at all, I watch them on Netflix, and I watch them years after they've been over. That way I've already forgotten all the spoilers.

Does it leave me left out of current social conversations? Well, no, because I don't have those conversations anyway. My conversations more center around trying to explain what "THE CLOUD" is and how it differs from virtualization and what a wonderful thing RADIUS authentication is and you get the idea.....

Boring? No, not to me, but not probably not much interest from normal human beings.

In my spare time (which really means I'm too tired to think much about writing), I play a fair amount of video games. It really started just a few years ago when I got an Xbox for Christmas for the sole purpose of playing COD.

There's just something relaxing about coming home after a hard day at the customer site, sitting down and killing people online and blowing things up. I played COD enough that I got fairly decent at it, considering I'm 50+ and have the reaction time of a drunk sloth.

I'd say my favorites remain as Fallout 3 and Fallout 3:New Vegas. Ah, exploring the wastelands while killing super mutants with a laser rifle. Washington, D.C. was amazing, but nothing like the Mojave Desert. Skyrim would be up there but the game is so glitchy it doesn't beat out the Fallout series. Final Fantasy VII was excellent on the PS2 as well.

COD got replaced by Battlefield 3 because COD is more about a single player than working as a team. I have not bought the most recent COD nor Battlefield 4 because they're just more of the same.

Recently, it's been World of Tanks on xbox. If that ain't a game for geeks I don't know what is. The battles are short but that's okay.

But I long for another virtual world to explore. When's the next Skyrim or Fallout 4 coming out? Probably not for a while yet, so I'm open to suggestions. A game needs a big world to explore, things to kill and some good music to go along with it and I'm there.

So.... what you doing to waste your spare time this offseason? And I don't mean worthwhile things either, like volunteering or reading a good book. I do those things too, but sometimes you just gotta be worthless and I can't spend the entire offseason drinking beer.

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This is what the world has come to. My question is - what TV production guy did this to this little kid?

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I mean, come on, man. This is music, ain't it?

Billie Holliday, Bob Crosby. Roy Brown isn't on this playlist but you could look him up. Neither are the Inkspots. Look them up too.

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