Corn Flakes: Hiring Coaches - What You Looking For?

David McGee
I blather on a lot below about Bobby Petrino, of all things.

Coaching Searches: Penn State and Louisville remain the major programs without a new coach.

Louisville has interest in Pat Narduzzi, Bobby Petrino for coach -
Michigan State defensive coordinator Pat Narduzzi has garnered interest for the Louisville job, which also could go to WKU coach Bobby Petrino.

Bobby Petrino could return to Louisville, WKU preparing for change -

Bobby Petrino could be the verge of becoming Louisville's next head football coach. WKU is preparing for his potential exit.

Gotta be honest - nothing says "We give a shit about nothing but winning" by hiring Bobby Petrino.

Upset about a possible Louisville-Petrino reunion? Don't be -

So what if Louisville is thinking about hiring Bobby Petrino? The Cardinals need a winning coach, and Petrino has served his penance for the sins he committed at Arkansas.

For an alternative viewpoint, you can read this column by Gregg Doyel that says "We're all human" and compares Petrino to Michael Vick because it always makes sense to compare the NFL to college football - it's all football, just one big sticky, gooey mess, right?

I mean, in one case you're paying grown men to destroy their bodies for entertainment and in the other case you're paying grown men to teach young men how to be productive grown men, which should include "upstanding contributor to society" somewhere in there. (You get the idea that I think it's a stupid fucking article? You should.)

Here's the thing about coach searches. I don't typically look at them from the perspective of "Would I like that guy to be our coach". I look at it from the perspective of "What I hire that guy?", and in the case of Petrino, the answer is "NO".

It's not about paying a penance. It's about who he is, who he's been for a long time. He's a guy who's always looking somewhere else. His coaching career is exemplary of that, as is his dalliance with a motorcycle and a blonde.

Are you really going to hire this guy, saying to him "It better not happen again", when it's your career on the line?

If you're a desperate fool, perhaps the answer is yes.

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I don't know, but today might be the day. Or a day, at least.

BSD is getting anxious? Or just giving everyone a place to discuss this daily, I guess.

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