Scoring Explosion 2013 - Update #1

Eric Francis

After Nebraska's first game, it doesn't look like the offense is capable of keeping up with the 1983 or 1995 Husker offenses of legend. Southern Miss might be represent an opportunity for the offense to keep up.

Well, I'm not sure how much there is to say about this topic that hasn't already been rehashed countless times in the last few days.  Remember, I wrote this about Nebraska's 2013 offense and its potential to perform on par with 1983 and 1995 offenses:

What is notable is the scoring defense. Both teams had exceptional scoring defenses, which certainly helped the offenses. It takes a lot of faith in the 2013 Huskers to believe that they will be able to put together a season scoring defense like the 1983 or 1995 Huskers.

The 1983 Huskers opened with a 44-6 beatdown of Penn State in Lincoln.  The 1983 meeting was payback for the Husker's loss the previous season at Penn State on what was thankfully a very short experiment with trapezoidal football fields.

1983 Penn State box score courtesy of HuskerMax.

                         PSU        NU 
First downs               15        23 
Rushes-yards           33-82    57-322 
Passing yards            227       178 
Return yards               7        59 
Passes               13-39-1   12-17-1 
Sacks by                 0-0       0-0 
Punts                   8-47      4-40 
Fumbles-lost             5-1       9-1 
Penalties-yards         6-29      8-77 
Time of possession     24:45     35:15

The 1995 Huskers opened their season with a 64-21 victory on the road in Stillwater, OK.

1995 Oklahoma State box score courtesy of HuskerMax.

                        NEB      OSU
First downs              28       14
Rushes-yards         55-513   38-144
Passing yards           158      138
Return yards             48       12
Passes              12-20-1  11-27-3
Sacks by-Yards         4-35      0-0
Punts                  1-53     7-43
Fumbles-lost            1-1      0-0
Penalties-yards        6-55     5-33
Time of Possession    29:55    30:05

So, because some on the CornNation staff still believe that the 2013 offense can put up the kind of offense that 1983 and 1995 did, here's where it stands after week 1:

Home Games PF PA
1983 55.4 16.9
1995 54.9 14.9
2013 37 34
Away Games PF PA
1983 42.2 16.4
1995 49.8 13.8
All Games PF PA
1983 50.3 16.7
1995 53.2 14.5
2013 37 34

Much work remains to be done. Next week vs. Southern Miss should help the stats line significantly.

Enjoy Week 2.


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