Monday's Corn Flakes: Game Week is Here!

The last year of this tragic mistake. Next year, Westward ho! - USA TODAY Sports

FIVE DAYS to kickoff. FIVE.

Game week has arrived. Yes, you have Bo's presser this afternoon, along with the tingly feeling of UNL students coming back to class today. Let us get to the goods today.

From this weekend at Corn Nation, we started with Bo's prank on the team with Thad Randle's assistance, then we talked about Zack Darlington's injuries from his nationally televised game on ESPN. Also on Saturday, we had the Red/White scrimmage for Volleyball from the new Devaney Center. On Sunday, you got the weekly schedule for Nebraska sports, as well as the CN staff's predictions for the 2013 football season across America. Finally, I waxed poetic about the legacy of Taylor Martinez as he approaches his Senior year.

This week, our opponent is the Wyoming Cowboys of course. The SBNation community for them is Cowboy Altitude. Check out this podcast, with a good preview of the Cowboys season, from Mountain West Connection, the SBN specific community for the conference.

Matt Hinton over at Football Study Hall did best/worse case scenarios of the B1G West Division. Hinton's statement about Nebraska is pretty clear cut, and I like that. That being said, the worst case scenario... well, there's room at my house folks!!

Steve Sipple of the LJS talked to John Garrison about how the offensive line is finally his own. Also, here is a nice breakdown of the seven walk-on players to be awarded scholarships for the 2013 season. ($)

Meanwhile, there is a PLETHORA from the Omaha World Herald today. Tom Shatel talks about how Bo Pelini should finally be adjusted to "Husker Standard Time", as well as an interview with Bo, where Pelini tells Shatel how he's going to stick to what he believes in, no matter what. Lee Barfknecht looks at a season for Nebraska where, even though there won't be a B1G title, there will be Roses. Finally, Sam McKewon says the Defense will be young, and will make mistakes, but will be worth it in the end. ($)

Paul Myerberg of USA Today with a preview of Nebraska, who he has at #11 in his preseason poll. While I don't buy some of his claims, it is a half-full review that shows that Paul believes this team will be better than people think.

Nice victory by the Women's Soccer team on Sunday, as they defeated Cincinnati 4-1 in Lincoln on Sunday.

So, I guess it's a thing when your HC gets a ticket for a car accident in Morgantown, I dunno.

Oh Northwestern..... all White, including helmets? Good golly!

Meanwhile, TCU will be rolling out these bad boys on Saturday night in Arlington. Speaking of the Cowboys Classic, do they have a chance against LSU? They could be better than you think.

Matt Brown over at Land Grant Holy Land wonders when the Big Ten will rise again. If Ohio St makes it to the BCS Title Game, will you cheer them on?

You make me weep, Illinois.

Kinnick Stadium went through some major changes for this season. I don't get the whole full stadium wide ribbon board, as Michigan State is doing the same thing. However it does look better, but there's nothing about changing the smell in the piece.

If you have Kevin Kolb on your fantasy team, you may wanna read this. And then you may wanna hit the waiver wire. Meanwhile, the Jets are.... well, the Jets.

Speaking of the Jets, Bo Pelini hasn't melted down like this in a presser yet, as Rex Ryan sets the early bar for podium fry this year.

Today's birthdays include James Harden, Macaulay Culkin (HE IS OLD), Elvis Andrus, and Ben Bradlee.

Today is National Dog Day, as well as Women's Equality Day.

Vines for your Monday video, eh?

(thank ya, emimusic)

Own this Monday, everyone.

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