Corn Nation Preseason Predictions For 2013

The Rose Bowl. Who will be playing in both games in Pasadena 6 months from now? - USA TODAY Sports

The CN staff puts out their predictions for the 2013 season.

Well well well…. here we are. Finally, the cusp of the 2013 season. It has seemingly been a very long offseason this time around. Fortunately, this season will be interesting in many ways to me. Can the Defense catch up anywhere close to the offense? Can Nebraska use a very friendly schedule to get back to Indy? It all gets answered starting next week.

The Corn Nation staff did a broad range of selections for this coming season. They are as follows:

Conference Winners:


Mike: Alabama

Salt Creek: JAWJA

Aaron: Georgia. Favorable schedule.

Cobby: Missouri. Suppose this would shut SEC people up?

David: Alabama

Mister Mike: Alabama

Paul:  Alabama

Cheeseandcorn: Georgia

Jon: Alabama

Brian: Unless Texas A&M finds a Defense, it's going to be Alabama again. I do like Georgia as a darkhorse though.

PAC 12:

Mike: Oregon

Salt Creek: Southern Cal

Aaron: Stanford is my National Champion.

Cobby: Colorado. I just want to see a blizzard at the PAC-12 Championship.

David: UCLA

Mister Mike: Stanford

Paul:  Oregon

Cheeseandcorn: Stanford

Jon:  Stanford

Brian: Gimme Oregon all day.

Big 12:

Mike: Oklahoma State


Aaron: Oklahoma State

Cobby: Iowa State

David: Texas

Mister Mike: Oklahoma

Paul:  Oklahoma

Cheeseandcorn: Oklahoma

Jon: Oklahoma

Brian: My upset special... TCU. Casey Pachall is the best QB in the conference.


Mike: Florida State

Salt Creek: Seminoles

Aaron: Clemson

Cobby: Maryland

David: FSU

Mister Mike: Clemson

Paul:  FSU

Cheeseandcorn: Clemson

Jon: Clemson…. wait, Clemson can’t win it they’re Clemson. FSU

Brian: Clemson is better than FSU... which means they will Clemson, I agree Jon. Florida State

American Athletic (The former Big East):

Mike: Louisville

Salt Creek: Pitt...Okay, Louisville.

Aaron: Rutgers. I’m not buying Louisville.

Cobby: Tulane. I know something you don’t know.

David:Louisville. Can’t find a better option…

Mister Mike: Teddy B and the Cardinals

Paul:  Louisville

Cheeseandcorn: Louisville

Jon: Rutgers? Man, no wonder they want in the Big Ten. Louisville

Brian: This is easier than predicting the Big Ten East. Louisville.

Heisman Trophy Winner:

Mike:  Jadeveon Clowney, South Carolina.  Yeah, he’s a defensive tackle. But the Clowney hype machine got a head start in the Outback Bowl.

Salt Creek: Taylor Martinez, Nebraska. Because I think 2010 Taylor Martinez shows up this season. One last hurrah, ladies and gents.

Aaron: A.J. McCarron. Darkhorse, whomever gets the carries at Stanford this year.

Cobby: Tim Tebow. Oh wait. I thought we were doing NFL MVP.

David: Marcus Mariota

Mister Mike: Teddy Bridgewater from Louisville.  I think he’ll put up ridiculous numbers, due to the mostly crap-tastic teams they’ll face this year.

Paul:  A.J. McCarron

Cheeseandcorn: Jadeveon Clowney. Manziel will suffer a step back, and in the absence of an elite offensive player in the SEC, the media will throw their weight behind Clowney instead.

Jon: Surprise! It won’t be awarded this year as the Manziel family files an injunction against the Heisman Trophy after Johnny Football has a nervous breakdown on the field against LSU. Their reasoning? The Heisman Trophy Trust mislead winners about the dangers of winning the award. Four other Heisman winners join a lawsuit and the Heisman is never awarded again.

Brian: Bridgewater. Unless he gets hurt early, he should ease through the AAC schedule and the Cards should be in the top 3 by December.

Big Ten East Champ:

Mike: Ohio State

Salt Creek: Wisconsin

Aaron: Ohio State. I’d like to go with someone else, but their schedule is just too favorable this year.

Cobby: Indiana. Hey we get one game closer to evening the record against the Hoosiers!

David: Ohio St.

Mister Mike: No question, Ohio State.

Paul:  tOSU

Cheeseandcorn: Ohio State

Jon: Ohio State

Brian: Ohio State. Not even close.

Big Ten West Champ:

Mike: Nebraska

Salt Creek: Northwestern

Aaron: Nebraska. I like the teams with favorable schedules. Sparty burned me last year.

Cobby: Nebraska

David: Michigan St.

Mister Mike: Michigan

Paul:  DONU

Cheeseandcorn: Michigan St.

Jon: Nebraska

Brian: Michigan. I just think it's Neb/Mich in Ann Arbor, and Nebraska on the road late in the season... woof. Let's hope I'm proven wrong.

Big Ten Champion:

Mike: Nebraska. With the homer pick.

Salt Creek: Northwestern

Aaron: Ohio State. I still have nightmares about last years trip to the shoe.

Cobby: Nebraska

David: Michigan St.

Mister Mike: Ohio State.

Paul:  tOSU

Cheeseandcorn: Ohio State

Jon: Nebraska

Brian: Ohio State, going undefeated and heading to Pasadena to play Alabama for the last BCS title.

Nebraska’s record and bowl game:

Mike: 12-2, Rose.

Salt Creek: 11-2, Fiesta/Sugar/Orange

Aaron: 12-1 Fiesta Bowl

Cobby: 14-0 BCS National Championship Game

David: 11-2, Outback

Mister Mike:  9-4, Outback

Paul:  12-2, Rose (tOSU to BCS NC game)

Cheeseandcorn: 9-3, Outback


Brian, 10-3, losing to Oregon in the Rose Bowl. Anything less than a BCS game, and.... Good lord above help us all.

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