Volleyball: The White/Alumni Squad defeats the Red Squad, 2-1

David McGee

The Devaney Center, the new home of Nebraska volleyball, open its doors to over eight thousand fans Saturday night.

Last night, Nebraska's newly renovated volleyball palace at the Devaney Center opened its doors to over eight thousand Nebraska fans as they watched this year's young but talented roster take on an alumni roster headlined by Olympians Jordan Larson and Nancy Metcalf. The Alumni White squad took the match 2-1 but it was a thrilling match, to say the least.

Before we get into the news and commentary from the match, however, let's take a look at the new Devaney Center:

And what did Coach Cook think?

And all this is made possible because of fan support. How much does Nebraska love volleyball?

By the way: the single game, non-tournament attendance record for Division 1 volleyball is 13,870, was set during the Nebraska-UCLA match-up on September 13th, 2009 at the Devaney Center. (If someone knows why Nebraska was playing at the Devaney rather than the Coliseum that night, I'd be very interested to know!)

I chuckled at this. The Alumni went on to win the set 25-19.

And one final impression that I think sums up everyone's experience at the Bob:

Sounds like it. Guess we don't have to worry about moving from the Coliseum after all.

Important programming note:

Cari Greene and Bill DiFilippo of Black Shoe Diaries will be covering Penn State and to a lesser degree B1G volleyball this fall so we'll be checking in with them on occasion. Penn State (who apparently has never won in Lincoln) will travel to Nebraska on November 30th. I fully expect the Nebraska faithful to SMASH the attendance record that weekend.

"It just makes you so thankful for what we have and the support that Nebraska volleyball has. It still hasn't set in that this is where we play. This is our home." - Morgan Broekhuis (from Omaha World Herald recap)

Game Recaps:

Cook said last week he would be shocked if his current squad could take a game from the star-studded alumni, and the White team led throughout Game 1. But the Red team settled its nerves and rallied in Game 2 behind five kills from Broekhuis and four from Fien to even the match.

"For those Nebraska kids, they grew up idolizing Nancy and Jordan. Those are their heroes. And they're playing against them in front of 8,000 in their first night as Huskers? Can you imagine if you got to play against Michael Jordan or Brett Favre? That's a big deal for them."

John Cook's new office at the Devaney Sports Center has a glass door that he can open and step out onto a balcony that overlooks the arena.

I mean, that's just insane. I'm so proud of our school for doing this. So damn proud.

Other News:

Remember, Nebraska heads to St. Louis this weekend to take part in the Billiken Invitational.


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