Thursday's Corn Flakes: Former Players Shut Out Of Practice

Some people are just that loyal. - Cooper Neill

Nine days to Gameday

Thursday. Seven days from now, you'll have actual games to talk about and watch and such. It's not Nebraska football, obviously, but it's better than the alternative of not watching anything. Let us get to the goods.

Yesterday at Corn Nation, Jon brought you the CN College Football Pool, as well as Cobby, well... cause he needs the money ya know.

Interesting piece out of Steve Sipple at the Journal Star late Wednesday. It appears that players were e-mailed earlier this week saying they were being shut out of practices for the time being. ($) My take on this is pretty simple: It had better be for a very good reason. One of the main reasons everyone disliked (hated?) Bill Callahan was because he didn't allow former players or such to attend practice. (PS... WITAF is up with that photo caption?!?)

Hopefully this is a temporary thing, and Pelini and staff just wants to make sure nothing gets out there, along with keeping a younger team focused. However, if this goes into the season (say, past UCLA), then I'll wonder what's going down.

Nice piece at Hail Varsity on the history of the Nebraska football uniform.

ESPN ranked the best student sections in College Football. Nebraska made the list at number 4. Heck, imagine if they actually showed up every game!

This looks pretty damn good, no?

I'm not one to really pay attention much to what Darren Rovell is doing. However, I do love when a university chancellor goes after him. Texas A&M's did just that yesterday.

The 2014 SEC Football schedule came out on Wednesday also. The first game to catch my eye is LSU at Texas A&M Thanksgiving night. That will go against Texas/TCU in the same timeslot.

I'm giddy living in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, knowing that Hal Mumme and June Jones will be coaching together at SMU this year.

Some schools have been gutting the NCAA and hiring former employees to their schools. To me, it seems like a fantastic idea, to have an idea what goes on in Indianapolis.

Maize n Brew did a synopsis of their B1G Offensive Previews. Nebraska grades out very well in this piece.

Matt Hinton of FB Study Hall did their best/worst case scenarios for the B1G Leaders division. It works out to be pretty much what you think it should be.

Today is National Be An Angel Day, as well as National Tooth Fairy Day and National Pecan Torte Day. This seems like an odd combination.

Today's birthdays include Giada DeLaurentis, Cindy Williams, and Paul Molitor.

Today's song? Jon wanted it, so we all take it in. Devo, y'all.

(thanks DarkFukt)

Enjoy your Thursday folks. ONE WEEK TO FOOTBALL.

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