Thursday's Corn Flakes: 50 Days To Kickoff

Puig, eh? - Christian Petersen

One day from the weekend starting, and you get the goods on a Arkansas NCAA violation, college football waterfalls, and Nebraska sports economics.

Thursday, we're here. Good? Good, here we go. (PS, you're eyes aren't deceiving you. SBNation rolled out a new "Front End Code" yesterday. I like the look, ESPECIALLY on a mobile browser).

Yesterday, you got the newest DtH podcast from Greg and I, as well as news on who is going with Bo to Chicago for Big Ten Media Days. And then Alfonzo Dennard got arrested for DUI early this morning.

Nice little write up by Lee Barfknecht of the OWH on a discussion he had with Shawn Eichorst, Nebraska AD. More money for everyone is good, especially IN THIS ECONOMY. More seats available and sold in basketball, volleyball, and football helps all the sports for the University.

Black Shoe Diaries, the PSU community, does a B1G recruiting ranking I found. Nebraska is ninth, and they have a great, easy to read listing of all schools and verbals.

If you're a KC Royals fan (and God bless you if you are), the Royals are hosting a "Huskers Night" at Kaufmann Stadium on August 10th versus the Boston Red Sox. You can get a snazzy hat and such, just follow the instructions here.

Another solid game from Jordan Hooper, as she had 11 points and 4 rebounds as Team USA beat Brazil by 30 in Russia yesterday.

Your daily turf update? Sure thing.

Yes, I know Matt Damon was in Lincoln yesterday. No, I have zero interest in putting up the eleventy billion pieces on it.

Ever wonder what would have happened if Mack Brown was hired by Texas A&M instead of Texas in 1996? The folks at Good Bull Hunting did.

OHHHHHH Bret Bielema did a naughty thing on Twitter last night.

What conference is Florida State in? ACC? You sure? Well then you may wanna get a job where the Noles got their ACC title rings made BECAUSE....

Marshall Henderson, the Ole Miss college basketball player you want your daughter to bring home, was suspended by HC Andy Kennedy for that dreaded "violation of team rules". The fact he lasted this long is a miracle in itself I think, but he did bring many troll god moments.

For those of you that don't remember what schools changed conferences this season (and I get this confused, so don't feel bad), the mothership did a little handy projected order of finish for all of them. I do wonder if either Pitt or Syracuse will do better in the ACC, but I can't argue really with the top of the list.

Alabama has a waterfall in the locker roomnow. Nebraska was the first to do it of course, but this is out of hand. Next thing is you'll see a Keurig on the sidelines for afternoon tea at SEC games.

All the conference media days are starting this weekend. Here's your guide to what, where and when.

Remember about that hubbub about Alabama and Notre Dame playing more games in Dublin? Well, the Pac 12 has sights set on Europe and China to play some games in the future. Remember folks, a playoff during the holiday break will keep kids out of school too much, but spending a week in another continent for a regular season game is perfectly alright.

Today's birthdays list Richie Sambora, Andre Johnson, Jacoby Jones, Lisa Rinna, and Lil Kim with reasons to celebrate today.

Today is National Blueberry Muffin Day, as well as National Slurpee Day (if you have one, head to your local 7 Eleven for a free Slurpee, as they went up to 12 ounces instead of the 7.11 oz size).

Today you'll get the watch lists from the Nagurski and Outland Trophy folks.

Enjoy your day friends.

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