Thursday's Corn Flakes


The fourth day of the workweek brings you news on a former Husker Baseballer with a great Wednesday, while there is info on what the new Touchback rule did in 2012.

Thursday has arrived. It was a warm one here in DFW, where 100 is right around the corner. They say you get used to the heat (and there is some truth to that), but the first true warm days always kick you around a bit. Then again, this is the same metro that will shut it ALL down for one inch of snow and sub 30 degree temps. Here comes the goods. ($ - subscription needed)

Yesterday at Corn Nation brought you Mike's preview of UCLA as well as another DtH Podcast.

The days of Tom Osborne in the Nebraska AD's office are coming to a end, as Sunday marks his true last day. Sipple tweeted that TO will "pop into the office from time to time" as he's retired. As a man who has been a lifelong Husker fan and thanks Tom for EVERYTHING he's done, I think it's fair to say that I would much rather have him go do something else. Fishing, a vacation, watch bad movies in his den... anything but go back to work. There comes a time when you have to trust what you've done to others and let them succeed or fail. This is that time, Tom.

A very interesting tweet came up during the day on Wednesday. Pinnacle Bank Arena's ice system was tested and passed with flying colors ($). Amazingly enough, some had said that the ice wouldn't be hockey sized, but there were some blue and red lines on the dasher boards when the test happened. Granted, many have said the sight lines for hockey may not be ideal, but at the same time, there's going to be truth to the thought that hockey is coming to PBA, whether it's the Huskers or someone else. My money is a big red N on that sheet.

Those Oregon penalties came down on Wednesday morning, and they weren't very heavy. No bowl ban, reprimand, no use of recruiting services, OV and scholarship losses, show cause for Chip Kelly he won't see. All the stuff that wasn't going to hurt much for the Ducks anyhow.

Southern Cal got some good news regarding the LA Coliseum. Not only are they getting $70 million in renovations, but they get control of the stadium, which they haven't had in a long time.

And with related news to USC, BYU announced a series with the Trojans. Also, Bronco Mendenhall is getting a much deserved raise.

Remember former Georgia AD Damon Evans? He is looking to resurface at Southern Miss.

ACC commish John Swofford threw out the first pitch at Yankee Stadium before the Rangers/NYY game as the ACC announced their share of the Pinstripe Bowl deal. Who had a better toss between Swofford and Jim Delany? Well of course someone at SBN took a look.

UCLA definitely painted Omaha Blue and Gold this week, while Mississippi State has nothing to be ashamed about this year.

Some great stuff at FB Study Hall about how the new Touchback rule worked last year in College Football.

Former Husker Baseballer Alex Gordon had a pretty good night last night. Joba Chamberlain, on the other hand, didn't.

Remember when I told you that Aaron Hernandez was in a world of trouble? Murder charges were brought on him Thursday. Being released by the Pats was the least of his concerns.

For how calm Wimbledon was on Tuesday, Wednesday brought all the chaos.

The NBA Draft is Thursday night. People have said it's a weak one, however, like recruiting, you can't really say for a couple years. Here's some mocks to keep you busy till tonight.

Birthdays include: Ross Perot, JJ Abrams, Khloe Kardashian, and Jim Edmonds.

Finally today, instead of a music video or such, I happened to find this beauty thanks to a Oklahoma friend.

(thanks Hercules0303)

Take Thursday and own it folks.

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