Thursday's Corn Flakes

James Gandolfini. RIP. - Rich Schultz

Today's links include one big slap fight about a N on a building, a national court hearing you need to know about, and SBN's All Americans.

Thursday has arrived, whether you were ready for it or not. Ain't no reason to get on it, so lets talk about the news you should know. ($ = subscription may be needed)

Looks like Nebrasketball will have themselves a double header to open Pinnacle Bank Arena, as the Women's team announced their opener will be against UCLA. The men had already announced the first opponent as Florida Gulf Coast.

There was a big tiff from a Journal Star piece from Nancy Hicks where people have an issue about the red "N" that is going on the side of the Pinnacle Bank Arena. Two things on this... 1) Yes, taxpayers are paying for this, but didn't they also pay for it with cigarette taxes back in the mid 1970's for the Devaney Center? And 2), if the University wasn't the main tenant on the building (something TO reminds us about here), there would still be Pershing Center. Besides, the University seems to make a lot more money on Haymarket Park than the Lincoln Saltdogs do, and not many people are up in arms over that one. ($)

Indiana's time at the College World Series came to an end on Wednesday night, as Oregon State shut out the Hoosiers 1-0.There is no reason the Big 10 champs should hang their heads, as their future is bright and so is the Big 10's if this is the new Baseball revolution. Thursday's game will pit an ACC matchup as North Carolina and NC State battle to keep on versus UCLA on Friday night.

There is a major decision due today in the Ed O'Bannon vs. NCAA case, and the result of this decision could have a massive impact on how NCAA sports will be affected in the future.

Football Study Hall says there could be a chink in the Alabama armor that won't allow them to win the National Championship this year. Riiiiiiiiight.

SBNation's brain trust came out with their All-American team Wednesday morning. There was only one unanimous selection, and that was Jadeveon Clowney. I hope that answers the person who said on twitter that Clowney "wasn't known by a single soul before the Michigan hit and scoop".

Three Navy football players were charged with sexual assault on Wednesday. Two were former players last year while the third is a current player, but no names were released yet.

Wisconsin's secondary may be a trainwreck this year. So bad, it'll make what Nebraska is experiencing on the DL seem like a simple fix.

The final game of the NBA season is upon us tonight, as we have Game 7 of the NBA Finals. Can the Spurs survive the meltdown from Tuesday night? Or will the Heat make it happen at home? Whatever happens, lets hope they at least stay in the arena for the final whistle.

Another Overtime classic last night in the Garden, but this time Chicago were the victors against the Bruins, putting the Stanley Cup Finals even at 2 games a piece.

This Aaron Hernandez homicide investigation is getting dicey. Every passing day this week doesn't look good for the Pats Tight End.

From a Wednesday presser, sounds like Everbank Field in Jacksonville is getting some five star updating. Big score boards, swimming pools, all that. I dunno if that will save the Jaguars from moving to London, but it may help the Gator Bowl look pretty good to go to.

Former New York Giants/Jets punter Dave Jennings, who later announced for the Giants, passed on from Parkinson's Disease on Wednesday.

Today's birthdays include Frank Lampard, Nicole Kidman, Brian Wilson, Lionel Richie, Rampage Jackson and Martin Landau.

On this day in history, Bugsy Siegel died in 1947, the movie "Jaws" was released in 1975, and West Virginia entered the Union in 1863.

Today is National Recess at Work Day, along with National Ice Cream Soda Day as well as National Vanilla Milkshake Day (have both while playing hooky at work).

Finally, yesterday we were hit with the news of the sudden death of James Gandolfini, who passed at age 51. To remember him as we always will, here's the final scene of one of the best shows to ever hit a TV. Also, IMHO, I still feel slighted in this ending for what the show had become.

(h/t to njean666)

Look for the podcast in a bit today folks. Have a great Thursday.

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