Alex Lewis Arrest Update: Boulder Police Release Report

Alex Lewis' days as a Cornhusker may be all but done before they even started.

UPDATE (5/13/2013 - 12:56 PM CDT)

The police report is out and well, it doesn't sound pretty:

University of Colorado quarterback Jordan Webb and former CU offensive lineman Alexander Lewis were arrested Saturday morning on University Hill after witnesses say they knocked another man unconscious when Lewis shoved his head into a brick wall and both players pushed him to the ground and punched him, according to a Boulder police report.

The report goes further stating that both Webb and Lewis shoved Bussey, 22, and a student at the U.S. Air Force Academy, to the ground and repeatedly punched him.

The report states that Bussey and Lewis were walking towards each other at around 3 AM, when they bumped into each other. The situation escalated verbally and then led to a shoving match.

Bussey was with a lady friend, whom he told to run. She ran back to the apartment for help and then returned. At this point, witnesses state they saw Lewis grab Bussey "around the throat" and toss him into a parking kiosk where he was knocked unconscious.

Lewis and Webb state that it was Bussey who started the altercation, stating Bussey threw a punch which missed, and then Lewis shoved him away. He said that Bussey got up and did the same thing, so he shoved him to the ground.

Lewis has maintained that at no point was Webb involved in the altercation.

Unfortunately, it sounds like Lewis had his fair share of alcohol as he told police he had consumed six glasses of wine, 10 beers, and six shots of "various other alcohols" that night.

Both Webb and Lewis are being held without bond and are scheduled to report in court this afternoon.

You can read more details following this link:

Daily Camera - Boulder Police: CU Buffs' Jordan Webb and Alex Lewis knocked man unconscious

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