Nebraska Huskers Spring Football 2013: Recapping The Offensive Line

Bruce Thorson-US PRESSWIRE

Almost every offensive line position is up in the air. Who's got the edge this spring and who could be easily replaced come the fall?


No. 62 Cole Pensick (Sr.) 6-2, 275
No. 55 Paul Thurston (Fr.) 6-5, 280
Gabriel Miller (Fr.) 6-0, 235


No. 61 Spencer Long (Sr.) 6-4, 315
Chongo Kondolo (Jr.) 6-4, 290
No. 74 Mike Moudy (Jr) 6-5, 300
No. 68 Jake Cotton (Jr) 6-6, 305
No. 65 Ryne Reeves (So.) 6-3, 295
No. 58 Corey Whitaker (RFr.) 6-4, 275
Zach Hannon (Fr.) 6-5, 295


No. 63 Andrew Rodriguez (Sr.) 6-6, 330
No. 71 Jeremiah Sirles (Sr.) 6-6, 310
No. 76 Brent Qvale (Sr.) 6-7, 315
Matt Finnin (Jr.) 6-7, 305
No. 57 Zach Sterup (So.) 6-8, 315
No. 78 Givens Price (So.) 6-4, 295
No. 77 David Knevel (Fr.) 6-9, 300
Dwayne Johnson (Fr.) 6-6, 275

1. Pray For The Middleman - The days of dreading that former Husker center Mike Caputo might go down are gone. Swap Cole Pensick's name out for his and it's the second first, same as the first.

Ever since Caputo's departure, the center spot has been up for grabs with Justin Jackson doing a more than admirable job last year.

Pensick has the opportunity to come early, stay late, work with Taylor Martinez, essentially devote himself to the position. As it stands, the starting gig appears to be his by default.

If he can step up, the Huskers likely won't have to scramble to get an incoming recruit such as Chongo Kondolo ready for an interior switch.

2. 99 Problems But A Guard Ain't One - The guard slots are surprisingly two of the positions on either line that can be trusted the most. With second team All-American Spencer Long returning, expect Kondolo to jump into the other spot immediately if Pensick digs in at center.

3. You Shall Not (Disrupt The) Pass - Matt Finnin looks to be all but guaranteed a starting spot in the fall, but when it comes to the Red-White game, expect heavy rotation across the board between the above roster sans The Rock.

4. Garrison's Flock - Barney Cotton's supposed to be the "run game coordinator," right? What does someone with that title do, anyway? Considering Ron Brown and John Garrison will be working in tandem, aren't they run game coordinators?

This line is Garrison's and honestly, Cotton's better off working with a smaller number of players stuck at one position that need to learn the basics of how to either put someone on the ground or take them out of a play.

5. Walk-ons - Again, expect to check your programs multiple times when it comes to offensive linemen due to a Vegas-style shuffling of the line. Keep an eye out for seniors Brandon Chapek and Scott Criss along with sophomore Adam Kucera.

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