Nebraska Football Recruiting: The Big Board (4/12/13)

Brandon Cavanaugh

Back in its illustrious form, it's The Big Board!

It's been a while since I've rolled out a Big Board, about two months, give or take. My primary reasons for doing that are to see who Nebraska offers initially and what prospects commit immediately.

For those not familiar with the series, I use a composite ranking of position need/want by Nebraska along with feelings between the prospect and the Huskers.

With that said, let's get to the good stuff.

(Highlights are provided as in linked names, if available)

1. OG DJ Foster - Easily the best prospect in-state, Foster's a must-get. The state of Nebraska typically churns out 1-3 BCS-level prospects on a yearly basis, so when a guy like Foster pops up on the radar, the Huskers need to snag him as soon as possible.

There's worry about him going to Alabama, and why wouldn't there be? When Nick Saban comes calling, recruits listen. Foster's also getting overtures from Arkansas and Southern California. It won't be easy to gain his commitment. This one may drag for a while, folks. [Profile]

2. DT Peyton Newell - Nebraska has been in contact with Newell long before this cycle began. Now that the initial courting process is over, there's no excuse for the Huskers to not have his signature come February 2014.

Nebraska's need for defensive tackles in the 2013 cycle was addressed somewhat, but the Husker staff needs to make up for all of the whiffs accumulated. Newell would be a huge get, not only as a talented athlete, but one at a position of severe need. [Profile]

3. QB Zack Darlington - This year's Johnny Stanton may very well be Darlington. He's fond of Nebraska and Tim Beck. The feeling is more than mutual. It's encouraging to see Nebraska dip into Florida this year with a very promising prospect after doing so with Stanton, a California native. [Profile] [SBN]

4. TE Gaelin Elmore - Nebraska needs to continue bringing tight ends into the fold as even if Jake Long pans out for the 2013 season, he's a senior. Ideally the underclassmen will mature with a redshirt season, but the Huskers aren't taking any chances, nor should they.

Nebraska's invading Wisconsin for Elmore, so we're going to get to see how well Gary Andersen and his staff do in one of the first Battle of the Big Red recruiting battles. As of now, things look good for Nebraska. [Profile]

5. ATH/DB Dominique Fenstermacher - It looks like the Huskers are making a serious run for the All-Name team with the past couple of cycles' recruits, doesn't it?

Fenstermacher (German for "window maker") was in town for the Red-White game and loved all it had to offer, including meeting other recruits and talking to his potential position coach, Terry Joseph.

While he may not have many offers now, if Nebraska offered him and named Joseph his lead recruiter, that's all I need to know. [Profile]

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