Nebraska Football Recruiting: National Signing Day Text Messages

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Much like Tom Osborne and Bobby Bowden would get together and talk strategy during their tenures as head coaches of Nebraska and Florida State respectively, we've decided to take a cue from fellow SBN blog Tomahawk Nation's coverage of National Signing Day last year.

They provided text message alerts to those who weren't able to hang around with them all morning/afternoon/maybe early evening. We're going to follow their lead this year.

With that said, I give complete credit to Tomahawk Nation for providing a great post about this from last year and will be using it as a template as they really covered all necessary info.

Brian and I have a lot planned for National Signing Day which is this upcoming Wednesday. To show you how on top of this we both are, we're planning a 6 AM start.

How Do I Subscribe To This Wonderful Service?

Text HUSKERS to 84483.

Some key questions (all credit to TN):

Do I Need To Register Again If I Registered Last Year?

No. You are already in the system. But if you unsubscribed, you will need to register again.

How Many Texts Can I Expect On Signing Day?

About 25. We will notify you when a Nebraska commitment/target signs his National Letter Of Intent, and of any major developments with Nebraska recruiting.

Is this FREE to me?

It is just like receiving a normal text message from a friend. Standard text and data rates apply.

Will any party receive unsolicited messages ("SPAM") on their mobile phones?

NO. The service enforces a ZERO SPAM policy which clearly prohibits unsolicited messages, and does not sell the contact information of its subscribers to its sponsors or third party marketers. They cannot afford to ruin the credibility of our company, nor the industry.

How Do I Cancel/ Unsubscribe After Signing Day?

Simply text STOP to 84483

/end awesome Tomahawk Nation instructions.

Obviously technology changes a lot from year to year and unlimited data plans are rather common. We want to know if you DO or DO NOT have an unlimited data plan as we don't want to rack up unnecessary charges on your bill with other news on NSD if we don't have to.

If you have any other questions or comments regarding this service, please leave them below along. Also, let us know if you have an unlimited data plan.

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