The Reads: Super Weekend

It's pretty much the Lombardi Trophy, right? - Eric Francis

There's a whole host of Nebraska sports to build up to the National Football League's BIG SHOW Sunday evening.

Here's the schedule for Nebraska sports this weekend:

Fri, Feb 1 T&F Frank Sevigne Husker Invitational Devaney Center Indoor Track 11:30 a.m. Meet Schedule
Live Stats
Fri, Feb 1 -
Sun, Feb 03
BOWL Prairie View A&M Invite at Arlington, Texas 1:00 p.m.
Fri, Feb 1 MTEN Illinois State Nebraska Tennis Center 5:00 p.m.
Fri, Feb 1 -
Sat, Feb 02
SWIM at Northwestern Invitational at Evanston, Ill. 5:00 p.m.
Fri, Feb 1 WGYM Illinois * Devaney Center 6:00 p.m. Live Stats
Fri, Feb 1 WR Michigan State * NU Coliseum 7:00 p.m.
Sat, Feb 2 T&F Frank Sevigne Husker Invitational Devaney Center Indoor Track 10:00 a.m. Meet Schedule
Live Stats
Sat, Feb 2 WTEN Ohio State * at Columbus, Ohio 11:00 a.m.
Sat, Feb 2 MBB Ohio State * Devaney Center 6:00 p.m. BTN
Sat, Feb 2 MGYM Minnesota * at Minneapolis, Minn. 7:00 p.m.
Sun, Feb 3 MTEN Oklahoma State Nebraska Tennis Center 10:00 a.m.
Sun, Feb 3 WBB Minnesota (Pepsi Pack the House) * Devaney Center 2:05 p.m. NET/

Also the Super Bowl is on Sunday at 5:30pm on CBS. (It appears the game will be streamed live as well! Hooooray!)

On with the news...

N for 'Nowledge

This is why your kids should pay attention in science and math - you get to do cool things like this. Antarctica is on my list of places to work.

Nebraska and the Big Ten

Our long national nightmare is over as Iowa realizes the value in playing on Fridays.

The league brass must keep a schedule rotation in mind when figuring out models for 14 teams (and possibly 16 teams in the near future). As Brandon said, a setup where a Big Ten player goes through his entire career without playing a league opponent "doesn't make a lot of sense."

Nebraska isn't particularly affected by any arrangement, as long as it doesn't force Nebraska to travel across the country for division games.

He is now essentially head coach in waiting at Oregon. Step one on his path back home? We'll see.

Other Conferences

Interesting analysis from the same guy who contributed our series on comparing dynasties between Nebraska and Alabama.

Incredible that SDSU and BSU could hold some much leverage over their re-entry to the MWC.

Then add two teams. You're already playing a round-robin schedule, why do you need a conference championship game? Afraid K-State might keep winning it?

Speaking of, Snyder gets a well-earned extension. They didn't really answer the question about how long he'll be around though.

I'm pretty sure this is ESPN's version of Troll Thursday. At least I hope so.


That's it for today, everybody. Kind of short, kind of sweet and to the point.

Anyway, today's topic of discussion:

If you could combine any two animals, which animals and why? What would you call it?

Have a great weekend! Stop by for the Basketball GameThread and the Super Bowl (for those of you not hosting a party).

- Salt Creek and Stadium

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