The Corn Nation Twitter 100

THE essential list of Husker Twitter accounts to follow for the year 2013.

Husker Nation may span coast to coast and around the world, but thanks to the magic of Twitter, Big Red fans and alumni near and far can connect like never before.

Where else do you get to discuss X's and O's (no pun intended) with Touchdown Tommie, get an inside look at a Tim Miles coached practice, and debate the merits of whether or not Bo Pelini is the right man for the program with fans you've never met in person all within a matter of minutes?

It should come as no surprise that the Huskers have a big presence in the Twitterverse, and that fact made our task of identifying the top 100 Twitter accounts to follow that much more difficult. We polled Corn Nation staffers to come up with a group of their recommended follows and then debated the merits of all recommendations to eventually compile THE essential list of Husker accounts to follow for the year 2013. We considered post frequency, entertainment value, timely content, fan engagement, relevancy to 2013, and originality when debating which accounts should be on the list. We also considered the overall variety of accounts in the list before we finally came to a "consensus". Since the list will change year-to-year, we figured we would add a few under-the-radar type accounts that rose to prominence in 2013 as well.

With all that said, we know this list is still subjective so we want to know what you think. Let us know who you feel was snubbed and where we screwed up by leaving us your thoughts in the comments section. The list intentionally does not include any* CN-related accounts, but we encourage you to follow the entire Corn Nation team. You can view all of our accounts at the very bottom of the list.


Presented in random order, we present to you The Corn Nation Twitter Top 100:

The Essentials

The Crème de la Crème (of corn). The tweeters that can't be beat, won't be beat. The Twitter accounts any die-hard Husker fan must follow. We doubt this list will change very much or at all in the coming years.

1. Nebraska Huskers - @huskers

Where else would we start but with the official Twitter account of the Nebraska Athletic Department?

2. Corn Nation - @cornnation

3. Tunnel Walk of Shame - @TunnelWalkShame

If we handed out a Twitter Account of the Year Award, this would be a finalist.

4. Team Jack - @TeamJackHoffman

5. Fake Bo Pelini - @FauxPelini

You know it's good when the *SPOILER ALERT* ACTUAL Bo Pelini didn't make the list.

6. World-Herald Big Red - @OWHbigred

7. Tim Miles - @CoachMiles

8. UNL News - @UNLNews

You may not have went to school there, but if you plan on coming to Lincoln for a game it wouldn't hurt to keep up to date on all the headlines, happenings and other campus information from the news office at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Plus, it's not all about sports, is it?

The Writers & Publications

If you want opinions and analysis from credentialed members of the media that are actually at the events you just watched, you better be following this group of writers and publications.

9. Chris Whitney - @CWhitneyKLIN
10. Samuel McKewon - @swmckewonOWH
11. Mike Babcock - @MDBabs
12. Brian Christopherson - @HuskerExtraBC

13. Tom Shatel - @tomshatelOWH
14. Brian Rosenthal - @HuskerExtraBR

15. Dan Hoppen - @danhoppen
16. Brandon Vogel - @brandonlvogel
17. Mitch Sherman - @mitchsherman
18. Steven M. Sipple - @HuskerExtraSip
19. Huskers Illustrated - @Hillustrated

20. Jon Nyatawa - @JonNyatawa

21. Eric Olson - @ericolson64
22. Husker Extra - @huskerextra
23. Aaron Babcock - @aaron_babcock

24. Hail Varsity - @HailVarsity
25. Grant Muessel - @GrantMuessel
26. Lee Barfknecht - @leebeeowh
27. Michael Bruntz - @michaelbruntz
28. Josh Harvey - @JoshHarveyScout
29. Dirk Chatelain - @dirkchatelain

30. Rich Kaipust - @RKaipustOWH
31. Robin Washut - @RobinWashut

The Blogs & Bloggers

For a more "organic" feel to Husker coverage, follow these blogs and bloggers. The writers for the "big" publications can't exactly let their opinions fly as their access to the programs they cover may be cut off, so it's nice to get opinions from those that have a little more freedom.

32. No Coast Bias - @NoCoastBias

33. - @Huskermax
34. Erin Sorensen - @erinsorensen

35. Brandon Cavanaugh - @eightlaces

36. Derek Johnson- @DerekJohnson05
37. Dave Feit - @FeitCanWrite
38. Chris Hatch - @Burnpoetry

39. Brian Towle - @btbowling

The Players

Quality accounts from the players that play for the teams you love. We do have one special request: PLEASE DO NOT TWEET AT THE PLAYERS WHEN YOU ARE MAD.

40. Tai Jack Webster - @Tjawtherula

Is this the first Husker athlete to be verified by Twitter BEFORE actually playing a game?

41. Johnny Stanton IV - @johnnystanton5

42. Kenny Bell - @AFRO_THUNDER80
43. Kelsey Robinson - @KelseyRobinson_

The Former Players

Quality accounts from the players that used to play for the teams you love.

44. Adam Carriker - @AdamCarriker94

45. Damon Benning - @damonbenning

46. Eric Crouch - @croucheric
47. Ralph D. Brown - @RalphDBrown
48. Jay Forman - @foreman5655
49. Prince Amukumara - @PrinceAmukamara

50. Lindsey Moore - @seym00re
51. NdamukongSuh - @NdamukongSuh

52. Scott Shanle - @scottshanle
53. Jason Peter - @jasonpeter
54. Tommie Frazier - @TouchdownTommie

The TV/Radio Shows and Personalities

The shows you love and the talking heads you love or love to hate.

55. Kevin Thomas - @KevinThomasKLIN
56. Jake Sorensen - @937JakeSorensen
57. Lane Grindle - @lanegrindle
58. Kevin Kugler - @kevinkugler
59. Mike'l Severe - @MikelSevere

60. Sean Callahan - @Sean_Callahan
61. Kent Pavelka - @KentPavelka
62. Unsportsmanlike 1620 - @USC1620

63. Gary Sharp - @GarySharp1620
64. John Gaskins - @937JohnGaskins
65. Mike Welch - @RealMikeWelch

66. Katie Falco - @KatieHFalco

The Coaches

These guys don't just run practice drills, they get their tweets on.

67. Rich Fisher - @rfisher88

68. John Papuchis - @CoachJP_NU
69. John Cook - @jcook2

The B1G Accounts

The best accounts to follow for updates around the conference. Because you can't just live in a Husker bubble, can you?

70. Brent Yarina - @BTNBrentYarina

71. BTN Stats Guys - @BTNStatsGuys
72. ESPN Big Ten - @ESPN_BigTen
73. BTN Nebraska - @BTN_Nebraska
74. Gerry DiNardo - @gerrydinardo
75. Mike Hall - @BTNMikeHall
76. Off Tackle Empire - @offtackleempire

The Recruitniks

Want to know where a bunch of 17 and 18-year olds are heading to college, but not in the creepy way? Give these accounts a follow.

77. Andrew Kulha - @AKonSports
78. Mike Schaefer - @mikejschaefer

The Alumni Groups

You can't stay in school forever, but these guys will keep you updated as if you were.

79. Canadians for Nebraska - @CdnsForNebraska

80. Nebraska Alumni - @NebraskaAlumni

The Parodies

Because imitation is sometimes more interesting and hilarious than reality.

81. Fake Herbie Husker - @FauxHerbie
82. Harvey Perlman - @Harvey_Perlman

This is technically old Harv's official Twitter account, but with tweets like this you can see why this account fell into this category.

83. Fake Shawn Eichorst - @FauxEichorst

The Team Accounts

Get play-by-play updates and breaking team news of some of the Big Red's finest.

84. Nebraska Baseball - @Husker_Baseball

85. Nebraska Women's Basketball - @HuskersWBB
86. Husker Volleyball - @Huskervball

87. Nebraska Basketball - @HuskerHoops
88. Nebraska Video - @NEB_FB_VIDEO
89. Nebraska Equipment - @NUequipment

90. The Iron N - Official Student Section @TheIronN


The best accounts that don't quite fit into the categories we've listed, but still bring the goods for Husker fans.

91. Jeff Mason - @RedSideline
92. Paul Jake Jacobsen - @HuskerTapes

93. - @HuskerFaithful
94. Huskers Gameday - @HuskersGameday
95. Steve Smith - @RedCladLoon
96. Pinnacle Bank Arena - @PinnacleArena
97. Husk Guys - @HuskGuys
98. Nebraska Compliance - @NUCompliance (just in case you are thinking about taking your fandom a little further...or too far)
99. Random Logic - @therandomlogic

100. Lindsay Lee - @L__Lee

The Corn Nation Team


Husker Mike

Jon Johnston

Mister Mike

William Grubb

Andy Ketterson

Salt Creek and Stadium

David McGee

Brian Towle

Paul Dalen

Derek J. Hernandez

Adam The Titan

Nathaniel Perlow


Ty Peteranetz

Now it's time to get started on the 2014 list or potentially an all-fan edition of the list. It was that big of an undertaking.

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