Wednesday's Corn Flakes: A Curse At Number 1 For Nebraska?

Frank Solich wasn't really finding reasons to be smiling on Tuesday night. - Jamie Sabau

Today's links talk about just how thin some Offensive spots are for the Huskers

The middle of the week has arrived, and here are your daily links.

Yesterday on the homestead, we gave you some great Soccer photos from this past weekend, as well as a synopsis of Tourney time for the B1G regular season champs. And, of course, the podcast came to you fresh and hot.

Things are really, really thin on the Offensive Line. So thin, it's time to take a look at what is coming in 2014 and beyond, according to the LJS's Darnell Dickson. Wide Receiver got pretty thin too. How thin? Well, you were going to see someone you hadn't seen play WR in a while.

If there is indeed a curse about wearing the Number 1 at Nebraska, Jordan Westerkamp may help get rid of it.

Tommy Armstrong Jr is going to have to learn from his mistakes as he goes on with his Nebraska career.

The SBN Michigan community Maize n' Brew takes their first look at Nebraska for the week. While at MGoBlog, a pretty good breakdown about Michigan's issues on offense from the MSU game.

What happened on the final play of the game from the Northwestern standpoint? Well, a good realization of who was out there and where the issue lied over at SoP.

Texas has hired their new Athletic Director, making the decision to go with former Arizona State AD Steve Patterson as their replacement to DeLoss Dodds.

The above hire of Patterson started some swift words about him hiring ASU HC Todd Graham to replace Mack Brown. But, as Jimmy Sexton loves to do, he threw some words out about his main man, Nick Saban, only being coach of either Texas or Alabama. That moves the odds that Saban goes to Texas to 0.0000000000000012%.

With the talk of locker room hazing, word came that something went down at Cal before the weekend, and it ended up with Freshman RB Fabiano Hale in the hospital. While Sonny Dykes is denying that it wasn't in control by the Cal staff, solid details seem sketchy for now.

Who will be replacing Carl Pelini at Florida Atlantic? Well, Luke Fickell, Ohio State DC, wants the job for one.

Two MACtion games dominated the CFB schedule on Tuesday. While neither one of the games were close. Buffalo/Ohio had a call from an official that is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the WORST calls you'll ever see in any athletic competition. EVER.

Have you ever seen someone in a Detroit Lions jersey win a World Championship at anything? Well, now you have.

What could the NFL learn from the Marines when it comes to hazing? SBN's Matt Ufford tells you the common denominator.

It was Election Day across America. Unfortunately, the Houston Astrodome wasn't saved by a Harris County vote to turn it into a convention center. As a former Houston resident, the Astrodome is just as much of a part of Houston as anything else you could think of, like NASA, the heat/humidity.. you get my drift.

Today's birthdays include Sally Field, Lamar Odom, Emma Stone and Jozy Altidore.

Today is National Nachos Day, as well as National Saxaphone Day and Marooned without a Compass Day.

Today's music is going grunge. Who can forget this one?

(thanks AliceInChainsVEVO)

Enjoy your day everyone.

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