Thursday's Corn Flakes: The Circus Keeps Rolling Along

David McGee/CN

Today's links go all subliminal and such on what people may or may not think or do.

Almost to the weekend. Let us get to the goods.

Tom Shatel, in today's OWH, talks about how Bo Pelini won't waver, Shawn Eichorst won't comment, and we're all stuck in the middle of this whole circus for the next 10 or so days.

Brian Christopherson of the LJS talks about Sam Burtch and his rise in the Wide Receiver ranks in Lincoln. Meanwhile, in this piece, we learn that Cole Pensick could be out this week and Givens Price will be in the fray at OL.

Nice info from Brandon Vogel at Hail Varsity about the now six-year Turnover issues and where Nebraska falls in the whole scheme.

Interesting quotes from Bo in this piece from USA Today by George Schroeder. I dunno if it's Bo calling out Shawn Eichorst like Shatel thinks above, but it's interesting to hear someone fighting for his job say the things he did.

We don't always put the Albion News in the Flakes, but a Mr. Joe Flanagan had this piece in there yesterday. Lot of things folks will like and dislike in there.

Well, I thought that Dalvon Stuckey wasn't going to give Nebraska a chance after he backed out of visiting. And, well, damnit...

If you're bored this weekend, and want to watch the Nebraska Bowling team that I follow, you can go out to Sun Valley Lanes in Lincoln starting today to watch them take on the best NCAA teams in the Big Red Invite.

The NCAA has sued EA Sports to stop the payment to the O'Bannon class action team. I have a hard time thinking this works, but sure thing!

Well, the whole Jameis Winston thing has been turned on it's ear pretty hard, don't you think?

Bradley Roby is leaving Ohio State at the end of the year for the NFL Draft.

Notre Dame is getting Everett Golson back soon, although he still won't play this year. Kinda odd how they miss him this year, no?


I never normally go into softball uniforms, but my goodness Louisiana Tech.

Prince Fielder and $30 million in cash to the Texas Rangers, sending Ian Kinsler to the Detroit Tigers? ALRIGHTY THEN.

Alex Rodriguez went on WFAN live yesterday with Mike Francesa and... well... it was kinda odd.

Today's birthdays: Carly Jepsen, Goldie Hawn, Michael Strahan, Troy Aikman, Ken Griffey Jr, Harold Ramis, Earl Monroe, and Bjork.

Today is False Confession Day, as well as World Television Day and World Hello Day.

In keeping with '90's musicians that you probably don't remember, today's song goes to another level. Oleander anyone?

(thank ya OleanderVevo)

Enjoy your day folks.

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