Defending Papuchis and some other thoughts.

I know the score will always, til the end of time show Michigan State scored 41 points on the Huskers. But that is not the entire story of the game. We all know Nebraska turned the ball over 5 times, all five turnovers happened in their own territory. Just think about this, even if Michigan St went 3 and out, that is an additional 15 plays, and pretty much all the turnovers happened rather quickly, giving the defense very little time to rest. Now, there were some good drives and MSU went 50% on third downs, which is a killer. But Connor Cook made some great throws that were indefensible. What are you going to do about that? A tired defense with a QB making great throws, welp, is just hard to stop a team from scoring 41 points. I have hammered Coach Poochs many, many times, but I can't blame him for the loss.

Some random thoughts.

If I am Bo Pelini, I would tell Ameer to go pro. Yep, do it. The shelf life of an NFL RB is very short, even if you are a great one. Tiki Barber tried to comeback in his mid 30's and teams thought he was too old. Ameer go get your money.

It would serve Nebraska well to have Ameer go pro, by the way. Sure we lose an amazing RB, but recruits want to go to schools that get you to the NFL. Does that equate triumph on Saturdays? Ask UGA.

And hey, next year we get to see Adam Taylor, so things could be fine on the running game even without Abdullah.

Randy Gregory was called the best pass rusher by Chris Spielman, and I said wow.

Nick Foles is killing it in the NFL, and I just can't help but think of the butt whooping he took in the Holiday Bowl against Nebraska were the Wildcats barely got over a 100 yards of offense, the good old days.

I find it fascinating in the NFL that guy that was a stud in college can barely get playing time on Sundays. Rex Burkhead has not carried the ball once for the Bengals, incredible.

Tommy Armstrong is a good QB, but he is a backup, not a starter for a big time program. If that team has aspirations on winning conference titles and playing for National Championships, Tommy is not going to lead you there. Johnny Stanton is the future.

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