Wednesday's Corn Flakes: Politics Working at QB?


This morning's links on who didn't practice yesterday for Nebraska, as well as a Pac 12 coach tussle.

Good morning, and welcome to the middle of the week. Here are your links today.

Yesterday at CN, David did his B1G Power Poll, as well as Jon being angry over a few good reasons. Greg and I also put up the podcast with your questions.

Sounds like the status of Taylor Martinez didn't really change much on Tuesday, as he sat out of practice again. Jamal Turner and Jake Long also sat out yesterday's workout.

From that snippet above, it sounds like Tommy Armstrong Jr and Ron Kellogg III will split snaps again, according to OC Tim Beck. Why on earth would they share series on the field versus Purdue? Well, one local Lincoln sports radio guy thinks that....

Damn politics anyhow.

Jonathan Rose is going to get more cracks at CB. Andrew Rodriguez was the man who stepped up before the Illinois game to set the tone.

Associate AD Jamie Williams is trying to help Nebraska and Bo Pelini in recruiting. Lee Barfknecht says the Big Ten's QB play has been disappointing overall this year so far.

Dominic Raiola apologized for his actions in Green Bay on Sunday to some Wisconsin band members.

Ever look for what "Les Miles" would bring up at Home Depot's site? Go ahead. Here's a hint though.

ESPN went nuts over if Jadeveon Clowney would play this weekend... or the rest of this year.He's trying to get back on the field, in his own words.

There were some new recruiting rules proposed on Tuesday for college football. I can only see one of them being really needed, the other three are just window dressing.

Mike Davis finally got around to actually apologizing for what he did in Ames on Saturday.

Kirk Ferentz is simply just doing things now to prove he can't get fired over them.

I watched a great documentary last night on PBS called League of Denial. It was a great insight as to concussions and how the NFL has treated issues stemming from them the last 20 years.

Speaking of concussions, Houston QB David Piland announced his retirement from football because of brain injuries.

David Shaw and Steve Sarkisian are kinda not pleased with each other.

Supposedly, Mack Brown is in must win mode this Saturday against Oklahoma or he's done immediately.

There's a few things that aren't cool to do, regardless of what you're opinion is about a NFL QB. Showing up at his house and belittling him and his family is one of those things.

Today is Fire Protection Day, as well as National Stop Bullying Day.

Today's video is a 90's lost track of greatness.

(thanks ExtremeVevo)

Have a great day folks.

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