Monday's Corn Flakes: Demanding More?

Hannah Foslien

Today's links feature opinions about the program and such after the Minnesota loss on Saturday.

Well, we took the day to reflect on what happened Saturday. It still stinks, to be honest.

It's going to be an interesting week in the Husker Football program. Here are your links to kick off that week.

Steve Sipple of the LJS says that the defense took a massive step back this weekend against Minnesota. Steve also said on Saturday evening that it's time that the fanbase demand more from Bo Pelini and his staff than what he has given us.

Tom Shatel in the OWH says that what is being said out of the head of the program is starting to sound like a broken record. Meanwhile, Lee Barfknecht wonders what the status of Bo is with the brain trust of Shawn Eichorst and Harvey Perlman after Saturday.

Sam McKewon says that Tim Beck's Gopher game plan didn't work 2 years in a row. In that piece, Sam says the original plan was to pull Martinez for a set, and (presumably) put in Tommy Armstrong Jr for a series. However, we all know that in the end, that didn't happen.

Jon Nyatawa says this game was a humbling experience for this team.

It's never a good thing when you make Dan Wolken's misery index. However, there is solstace in who the #1 team for this week's list is.

The best bowl projection for Nebraska I've seen this weekend is this one, still going to Tempe for the BWW bowl but it would be Bo vs. Kingsbury. The worst one is.... well, Lord above help us all if this one happens.

Beating the Huskers meant something to the Minnesota Football program.

Who had a worse Saturday than the Huskers? Well, Nathan Scheelhaase and his dad, for one example.

Your BCS standings are right here.

Well done, Ohio State band.

The World Series is tied at 2 games a piece. Game 5 is tonight in St. Louis.

Monday Night Football your style? St. Louis plays in that one too, this time against Seatlle.

Birthdays today: Julia Roberts, Bill Gates, Brad Paisley, Charley Daniels, Annie Potts, Andy Richter, Dennis Franz and Terrell Davis.

I would have gone with a Charley Daniels song for today, but we must honor a rock and roll legend who passed on Sunday. RIP Lou Reed.

(thanks Princeboy99)

Bo's presser will be roughly 11am. I'm sure we will all be tuned in.

Have a great Monday folks.

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