Monday's Corn Flakes: The Second Half Of The Season Commences NOW


Today's links on where this weeks Husker year-end roadtrip would go, along with the Michigan school reactions from last Saturday.

Welcome to another Gameweek, this time it's the Minnesota Golden Gophers in TCF Bank Stadium for a 11am kick on Saturday. As most of you probably already know, the Minnesota SBNation community is The Daily Gopher. Looks like they are on a hockey and beating Northwestern kick, so keep an eye out for Nebraska-related stuff over there.

Speaking of the game against the Gophers, Jon has put up an EXCELLENT synopsis of events for this week's game in Minneapolis right here. From a screening of "Through These Gates" to alumni events to tailgating, it's covered pretty well for the weekend in that link.

On to today's links.

Steve Sipple talks about how Josh Banderas has gotten over "a wall" in his development this season so far.

Sam McKewon talks about how the Huskers are getting no benefit of the doubt in either the AP or Coaches poll.

By the time your lunch finishes digesting tomorrow, we should know if Taylor Martinez is in the fold for this week. I can't see him not playing, but we'll see nonetheless.

Your new SBNation bowl projections has the Nebraska fanbase saving their pennies to..... ORLANDO WAIT DAMNIT NOT AGAIN OH MY GOD AGAINST JOHNNY FOOTBALL WELP.

Washington coaching legend Don James passed away on Sunday at the age of 80. James was the head coach of the Huskies in 1991 when they got a split national title by beating Michigan in the Rose Bowl. That year, they smoked Nebraska in Lincoln 36-21, which Nebraska didn't lose again at home till 1998 against Texas, a 40 game winning streak.

Missouri is probably going to play South Carolina without having to worry about Connor Shaw. In other words, go ahead and put the Tigers in Atlanta to get mauled by Bama.

College Gameday is heading to Eugene, for Oregon/UCLA this weekend.

Mike Leach made a Defensive Coordinator upset. However, considering that you won by three touchdowns plus... I dunno, let it slide?

The first thing I took away from Florida State/Clemson on Saturday night, other than CLEMPSON is that Jameis Winston is pretty damn good.

It will be interesting to see how Texas plays on offense against TCU without David Ash once again. It's not like UT tore it up in the Cotton Bowl, but TCU's defense is actually pretty good, even though they're a 3-4 team.

On one hand, I would think that Michigan could think they would be able to score at will against Nebraska, but giving up 47 to Indiana isn't really ideal, and if the Blackshirts have a clue by then, could they really steal one in Ann Arbor?

You can dog Michigan St all you want for the 14-0 win against Purdue where their O and D both put up a score, however, the stats for their D ain't lying much.

Today is National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day, as well as Count your Buttons Day!

Birthdays: Kim Kardashian, Judge Judy, Benjamin Netanyahu, Whitey Ford, and Zack Greinke.

Today's music video? Brought to you by Nathaniel Perlow.

(thanks Lisa Capra)

Have a great Monday everyone.

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