Thursday's Corn Flakes: Two Freshman Dueling In Ross-Ade

Agony and Ecstasy in Busch Stadium last night. - Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Today's flakes on what to expect from Purdue's eyes, as well as TCU taking another hit in their season.

I'm still waiting for Fall to kick in, to be honest. This whole 80 degrees thing during the day... warm enough to justify your AC in home, but cool enough (60's) in the evening to invite an open window.

Ah well, sure enough, it'll be freezing and I'll love it. On to today's links.

Yesterday on the site, Nathaniel did a quick piece on Lincoln's Pinnacle Bank Arena hosting a NCAA Women's Regional Final this coming Spring. David did his B1G Rundown for the past week, while Nathaniel did a quick Soccer recap. Plus, as always on Wednesday, Mike did his solid review of the upcoming week's opponent, which this week is Purdue.

Taylor Martinez isn't happening on Saturday, folks.

Since it seems like Taylor is out, you can bet that Tommy Armstrong Jr. will be ready to go against Purdue's freshman QB, Danny Etling.

The Purdue SBN community Hammer and Rails has their own preview of Saturday's game.

Virginia Tech and Tennessee going NASCAR, you guys.

Ohio St is going to have some long distance visitors in 2015.

If the NCAA settles in the O'Bannon lawsuit, they are going to take it in the piggy bank.

Speaking of the Buckeyes, how did they gut out a win in Evanston last week? It took something they haven't really had to look for in their 18 game winning streak.

How did Indiana pull off that win against Penn State last weekend? Well, no matter how, Bill O'Brien doesn't want to hear (or talk) about it.

TCU has seen their season collapse among themselves. First it was Casey Pachall being gone, now Devonte Fields is out for the season.

While we're talking about a football team's season deflating Julio Jones just makes the Atlanta struggle real.

The Cardinals used the big bats and great pitching to make another NLCS. Hat tip to the Pittsburgh Pirates though, for a great season.

Today's birthdays include BRETT FAVRE, Mario Lopez, Dale Earnhardt Jr, Andrew McCutchen, Geno Smith, and Aimee Teegarden.

If y'all hate this song of the day... well, here ya go.

(thanks emimusic)

Enjoy your day folks.

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