The Nebraska Recruiting Big Board (1/28/2013)

Brandon Cavanaugh

Pull up! Pull up! Talk to me, Goose!

An exciting time for us all as Letter of Intent Signing Day is mere days away...and a bunch of prospects are decommitting. What does this mean? I hope you like eggs, because it's time to start scrambling.

Okay, maybe that's somewhat hyperbolic, but Nebraska needs to finish this class strong. It'll take major work to do so, but let's see the best prospects left on the board that the Huskers can pull in.

(Highlights are provided as linked names, if available)

1. OT Dwayne Johnson - The Rock is coming off an official visit to Arkansas and likely got a "Let me tell you how much the Big Ten sucks as opposed to the SEC where I've been for all of five minutes!" speech courtesy of Bret Bielema.

Both the Huskers and the Razorbacks need offensive tackles, but the Nebraska can likely promise more in the way of getting on the field despite its current commits.

2. OL Chongo Kondolo - Sounds like it's Bo Pelini versus newly hired Tennessee head coach Butch Jones for Kondolo's services. The Vols have three offensive tackle commitments already, but as we've discussed during the past few weeks, C.K.'s likely an interior guy.

Nebraska's need for offensive linemen and Pelini's penchant for almost immediately playing JUCOs may be the deciding factor.

3. ATH Drake Martinez - With the decommits of Dominic Walker and Marcus McWilson, it's time to start pursuing Martinez 2.0 hard.

Like his brother, he's a true athlete that won't totally cover the loss of McWilson (at least initially), but he'd do well on the scout team during a redshirt season and would hopefully feel more at home with Big Bro around for a year.

4. TE/DE Casey Sayles - A soft commit to Frank Solich's Ohio Bobcats for some time now, it's hard to think that Sayles wouldn't jump at a Nebraska offer.

You'll notice that there are only four prospects on this week's Big Board. As of now, these are the most likely recruits that would climb aboard the U.S.S. Pelini.

That said, a lot can change in nine days.

What are your thoughts on this week's Big Board? Leave your comments below.

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