The Reads: Sand Volleyball is UNL's 24th Sponsored Sport

More of this, but with sand. - David McGee

Shawn Eichorst's first big move is to finalize a plan to bring sand volleyball to Nebraska.


Well, now we'll have something to talk about this spring, eh? And this is a fantastic recruiting tool for Nebraska - remember that we lost Dykstra after the season as she wanted to pursue a professional career in sand volleyball.

Not to mention...

[Kelsey] Robinson, the 2011 Southeastern Conference player of the year, will join the Huskers with one season of eligibility remaining.

A great pick up for the 2013 Nebraska Cornhuskers volleyball team.

Welcome, Kelsey!

Women's Basketball

WBB takes on unranked Indiana tonight at 5:30pm CT on BTN.

Hopefully a Game Thread goes up, but if not, feel free to use the Reads to cheer on Connie and the Nebraska women to victory over the Hoosiers!


A reminder that it's okay to cheer for the basement sometimes.

UNL Football

TERRY JOSEPH. PLEASE DON'T LEAVE US. (A video showing some of Nebraska's practice drills as well as Terry Joseph explaining Nebraska's DB strategy. WATCH IT.)

You know what would be fantastic? If Tom Osborne got into sports journalism and analyzed college football next season. Maybe Jon can hire him on.

Stay awhile, and listen! And then subscribe. And then tell Brian and Greg what you think in the comments!

Now if we could just get some concrete blocks or snowplows to play offensive line, we'd never have to worry about the passing game again.


This will probably be the only article for a while. It's still early. HuskerMax's stories stop in December and has nothing.

Darin Erstad punts a football!

Big Ten Conference

About time someone put him in a position to succeed.

Iowa still hasn't decided, may now be waffling.

National News

NO NEBRASKA...until the comments.

You can't keep up. You can only find ways to be disruptive and survive until Saban finally hangs up his whistle.

A helpful daily reminder.

We've seen this before.

Well, that would be scary. But they need defense to give their offense a chance.

Not a smart play by Tuberville. Then again, he doesn't plan to be there that long.

Capital One Bowl -- 6

January 1, Georgia 45, Nebraska 31

It didn't seem like Georgia really cared all that much, and honestly, you can understand why. They were a handful of yards away from the national championship and instead played in Orlando against an underachieving Nebraska squad. It was just a bunch of waiting around for the Dawgs to flip the switch and overwhelm the Cornhuskers with talent.

I don't think they watched the Capital One Bowl.

But what about those millions of die-hard Notre Dame fans? You mean they don't exist?


That's all for today. This thread is open. Your comments, if you have any, fill out the white boxes down there.

If you're looking for something to start your creative juices, how about y'all come up with some kick-ass nicknames for women's volleyball (court and sand) and women's basketball?

Have a great Thursday!

-Salt Creek and Stadium

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