Cobs of the Week: Blackshirts, Iowa, Bill O'Brien, Wisconsin, Colorado, Arkansas, and the whole B1G

Sept 08, 2012; Boulder, CO, USA; Sacramento State Hornets kicker Edgar Castaneda (58) and holder Mason Magleby (4) react after kicking the winning field goal with one second left in the fourth quarter against the Colorado Buffaloes at Folsom Field. The Hornets defeated the Buffaloes 28-30. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-US PRESSWIRE

We have to keep it honest this of course, the Nebraska defense (can we really call them Blackshirts anymore?) gets the lead nomination for nearly breaking the school record for most yards allowed. (How the heck did Kevin Cosgrove manage to avoid this stain?)

Bill O'Brien

But it wasn't just Nebraska sucking eggs this weekend; it was a B1G weekend for suckage. It started in the early games with Penn State. Trailing by one point, the Nittany Lions were mounting a dramatic comeback attempt and had reached the outer limits of kicker Sam Ficken's range. Ficken is having a rough season; he had missed four kicks so far in the game. On third and seven from the Virgina 22 yard line, the Lions had a timeout and one timeout remaining. Plenty of time to get closer, and maybe even score a touchdown. Nope, not Bill O'Brien. He sent his quarterback out there to spot the ball in the middle of the field, and took a three yard loss to make sure it was going to be Ficken's career long. For a kicker who had missed four kicks already that day. In the rain. For the win. Of course, Ficken missed the kick. I don't blame Ficken; he was having a rough day, and frankly, he wasn't supposed to be the kicker this season. Anthony Sera was going to be the kicker until he transferred to Texas in the wake of the NCAA sanctions. But hey, why not make it tougher on his struggling player.


Here's all you need to know about Iowa. They've scored one touchdown this season, and that was last week against Northern Illinois.


The Badgers nearly collapsed against 1-AA Northern Iowa last week. Yesterday, they were being shut out until the closing minute against Oregon State...that's the same Beaver team that went 3-9 last week. Yeah, Bucky probably got hozed by the Pac-12 replay refs, but Wisconsin's performance was definitely Cob worthy.

The Entire B1G

Well, Illinois got spanked by Arizona State and Michigan looked awfully pedestrian against Air Force. Plus all of the other suckage previously mentioned above. This weekend, the 12 team conference named for the original ten members looked more like the B1G MAC.


Hey, it seems like we're RUTSing the Buffies, but when they lose to a 1-AA team like Sacramento State...well, we would be negligent to not mention them. Ohhh, no matter how bad things are in Lincoln, it's always worse in Boulder.


The Razorbacks decided to play by the Buckyrules last night. Last week, the Hawgs struggled a bit with 1-AA Jacksonville State...then lost to Louisiana-Monroe. Sure, Arkansas looked better than Wiscy last week, but c'mon...losing at HOME to a Sun Belt team? Just what in the name of Bobby Petrino's motorcycle is going on down there?

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