UCLA Game Week Reads - September 6th, 2012

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Bringing you coverage of Nebraska and Big Ten sports and other stories from college football and beyond.

This week, #14/#16 Nebraska takes hopefully the first of two trips to the Rose Bowl this season, taking on UCLA this Saturday, 6:30 CDT on Fox.

Go Big Red!

In today's Reads, Nebraska's secondary looks forward to the challenge against UCLA, BTN and DISH Network hit a snag and there are no updates on Rex Burkhead. Those stories and more below.

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The Check-Down Pass:

This is a new section that I'm going to try. It was suggested that while y'all enjoy being able to spend a good hour to hour and a half reading through the Reads, you never know where to start a discussion in the comments. So, exercising EDITORIAL POWERS, I will try to select two or three stories of interest to help. Obviously, feel free to comment on any of the stories I find or any I missed. (Name suggestions also welcome - I considered "Tunnel Walk" but I'd hate to bring the wrath of the Athletic Department down on our site.)

Big Ten: Lions, Buckeyes can win division, trophy - Yahoo! Sports

It would be fantastic if both Ohio State and Penn State finished ahead of Wisconsin, but is it appropriate that they are awarded trophies and accolades for their accomplishment? Expanding further, is it appropriate for the AP poll to allow schools with post-season bans to be ranked (Ohio State is currently ranked #18 and USC spent most of last season floating around the top 25)?

Ted and Jesse's E-mail Adventures Tackles North Carolina and the NCAA - Off Tackle Empire

If you have half an hour to give to reading about the NCAA and its tricky and somewhat impossible task of managing collegiate athletics (the article focuses on basketball and football, the NCAA's weakest areas of enforcement), OTE's Ted Graham and Jesse Collins take a shot at examining the fallout of the NCAA's failure to be consistent. What do you think?

College football structure has NFL feel, some say growing transformation blurring distinction - The Washington Post

Is the NFL really the best? The coaches aren't creative (the ones who claim to be quietly disappear), the players often complain of losing the love of the game and there are only 32 programs to serve 50 states and 300 billion people. College football has over 1,000 institutions serving the 50 states, with many states enjoying the presence of multiple programs and different styles of football. How is the NFL better than that?

NFL Players At Higher Risk Of Death From Alzheimer's, ALS - SBNation.com

This is definitely an issue that we'll have to keep an eye on. The biggest question in play right now is when is there enough data? Will it be necessary to show a steady and significant increase in brain injuries? Or is the risk enough?

More Nebraska football and other stories after the Jump!

The short-term agreement reached last week ends on Saturday. Unless an 11th hour agreement happens this week, BTN may not be carried on Dish. This shouldn't affect the Nebraska game as it'll be carried nationally on Fox*. It may be an issue if it is not resolved in two and a half weeks when Nebraska faces Idaho State - all of Nebraska's other games through our bye week in October have been picked up by ESPN.

(* Yes, Fox. But it's okay. Gus Johnson will massage your fears away.)

Football (1-0)

Hail Varsity: Tale of the Tape: Week One

This is really cool. Really interesting to get an expert's opinion. Sounds like the offense caught a few breaks - that's new. –UCLA will occasionally use a three-man front, meaning the running game, with or without Burkhead, could be more prominent for the Huskers in week two. Unless you're Missouri, in which case you abandon the run.

(**) Practice report: UCLA expected to test NU secondary | sports.omaha.com

Joseph sounds worried. Time to panic.

(**) Marrow brings some bang to Husker backfield : Husker Extra

I think we'll be okay if Burkhead rests until Wisconsin.

UCLA (1-0)

Predictions, Nebraska-UCLA football 2012 -- HuskerMax™

Early predictions are rather lopsided, but they all agree the game will be generally close.

Preview: No. 16 Nebraska Cornhuskers at UCLA Bruins - CBSSports.com

CBS thinks this game is watchable because its at the ROSE BOWL. OMG ROSE BOWL. OMG. (Oh, they also recognized that this should be an offensive SMORGASBORD.)

Hail Varsity: Hot Reads: Big Questions

Mora finally offers this: "You don’t go in saying, ‘Oh, God, these guys are big.’"

T-shirt idea right there.

Nebraska's quarterback has UCLA defense watching the ground - latimes.com

Sounds like UCLA is going to try and force Nebraska to throw the ball. Can Martinez do it two weeks in a row?

Big Ten (10-2)

Chicago's Big Ten Team: The Forgotten Story Of The Chicago Maroons - Land-Grant Holy Land

One of the Big Ten's original powerhouses. Very interesting read. (Re-post from yesterday - I kind of buried it.)

Purdue Honors Neil Armstrong In Tender Humblebrag - From Our Editors - SBNation.com

Well done, Purdue.

Badgers seek return to explosive ways - Big Ten Blog - ESPN

If they stack the box, the obvious offensive response is to air out the ball. What this shows is that Wisconsin doesn't trust their passing game.

Other Stories

Special topics in football food | Campus Union

SI's Holly Anderson delivers this helpful piece on safe and tasty tailgating.

Why Most NFL Teams Are Ditching Their Playbooks For iPads [Feature] | Cult of Mac

As someone who recently started using an iPad for work, I have to say it's an incredible piece of hardware. I say this as a devout PC user. (Microsoft's Surface device has its work cut out for it.)

College football and the SEC are a source of pride in the South - Frank Deford - SI.com

I don't think the SEC has taken over America. Just the media. Carry on.

Tom Brady Plays Invisible Football, Remains Smug - From Our Editors - SBNation.com

Pretty sure there was a roughing the passer penalty in there as well.

‘T’ stolen from Virginia Tech’s Lane S adium | Dr. Saturday - Yahoo! Sports

Wait. How do they know a GTech fan stole the T other than circumstantial evidence that GTech fans have done this in the past?

Own a Nebraska Icon

No, really, Carhenge is for sale. We should buy it and then turn it into a Nebraska football shrine.

Without another $4 million, Nebraska arena won’t have Zambonis | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports

If Corn Nation bought it, what would you want us to call it? I'm thinking "Man-killing Mastodon".


Join me every morning Monday to Friday for a round-up of the day's stories. Comments, rants and cat pictures are welcome below! (Not a member of CornNation? Join today and take part in the conversation!)

Have a great Thursday! GO BIG RED!

-Salt Creek and Stadium

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