Black Helmet adidas Pajama Party Week - September 28th, 2012

In today's Reads, Corn Nation and Bucky's Fifth Quarter exchange pleasantries, Burkhead gets nominated for ANOTHER award and adidas reveals the pièce de résistance of tomorrow's alternates, sparkling shoes.

This week, Nebraska hosts the Wisconsin Badgers for a night game at Memorial Stadium. The game will be carried on ABC with a kickoff around 7pm CDT.

I have no excuses for the delay other than this week has been a long one.


Join us shortly at 8pm CDT as we witness Hawaii battle BYU in Provost. Kickoff is around 7pm CDT on ESPN.

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Previously on CN

Execution and focus will be important.

Well, okay. Rather see Taylor break a tackle against him on the way to a long touchdown.

We asked Bucky's Fifth Quarter about Wisconsin 2012. They didn't hold back.

I did poorly last week.

Wisconsin was a mess. Are they going to be better Saturday?

Don't forget to visit our Wisconsin Game Hub for all your Wisconsin-Nebraska 2012 news!

N for 'Nowledge

Burkhead is one. Congrats, Rex!

Football (3-1)

"It’s those flashes of last year that scares us as a whole offense. The turnovers, the miscues, the penalties. Those are things we really need to get in control of. That’s something that just haunted us all of last year."


That's nice that the staff feels that way but I may not trust the players to think that way.

Be loud Nebraska fans. Let's win and get a nice Big Ten chant going.

I'm sure Osborne will be fine with Nebraska staying competitive and in the conversation. For now. (Obviously, he wouldn't want us to stagnate.)


/had to

But seriously, impressive that Joseph can coach up a diminutive cornerback. So we've got that going for us.

Will Nebraska's senior linebackers find their mojo after being eclipsed for four weeks?

Tom Osborne

People respect Osborne.

It's a bit of a stretch to think Osborne would've sustained succes, in my opinion. But I have no doubt he would've reinvented Nebraska football to try.

Alternate Uniforms

I hope the sparkles are worth it, Nebraska. (Wisconsin will be sporting them as well.)

3. The more I scream at college football, the more it ignores me. Kickoff times at all hours. Realignment that kills the great series I grew up watching. Bowl games run amok and shoe companies and networks that dictate policy.


They discovered something else: Osborne didn't opt for the safest choice. Not the boldest one, either — the design of which Daniels, with a chuckle, declined to disclose. But considering the black helmet, black accents and all-red uniform, Osborne's pick went far beyond vanilla.


Near as I can tell, Nebraska the state hasn't moved so I'd say our struggles aren't any different than the ones we had before. As long as the Big Ten gets players to the NFL, does it matter?

Saturday might encourage him - he might see a chance to contribute immediately.


Wisconsin seems to have things going back in the right direction, but it’s a lot to ask Stave in his second career start to win in Lincoln.

Quite frankly, this scares me. Against UCLA, there was only one vote for the Bruins...

Wisconsin Football (3-1)

No love for Kellogg.

Bucky's 5th takes a look at Wisconsin's performance against UTEP and likes what it sees.

The biggest test for our offensive line yet.

I really hope he keeps his head clean.

The offense will need to get a block on Borland if Burkhead and Co are going to get any yards.

That YouTube video...Oooof.

Bucky's 5th Quarter asked the CN Staff some questions and then we answered.

We were kind of verbose, I guess.


He can kick also. HMMMMMMMM...

Big Ten (33-13)

The obvious joke is something about fear, but really, it sounds like USU wants to keep their schedule open so they can make the best schedule for the new post-season format.

Here are your Vegas numbers for this week's Big Ten games.

Well no, but it is *a* big game.

Nothing is scary, all is there. Will we stumble?

Other Stories

Needs to schedule Pitt.

Looking for someone to direct your football and food choices? SB Nation has you covered.

He is currently on the Rimington watch list.

Kind of cool for the mid-majors to have a game to play for.

OTE's babaoreally takes in some vintage MACTION and shares his story.

Ignoring the issue of couch burning, I think it's safe to say that if student governments and schools are going to produce videos, they need to step up their production values.

A look at Turner Gill and his career. Good luck in league play, Coach Gill.


I looked for a video on science from Nebraska, and this was the most recent hit.

I couldn't say no.


That's all for today. Stick around for some hot Friday night football action between BYU and Hawaii. And come back tomorrow where we'll be watching college football all day, leading up to the main event.

Go Big Red!

-Salt Creek and Stadium

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