Black Helmet adidas Pajama Party Week - September 26th, 2012

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In Today's Reads, adidas discusses an annual alternate uniform for Nebraska, women's volleyball takes on Mitten State, and OTE grades the non-conference public relations disaster.

This week, Nebraska hosts the Wisconsin Badgers in their Big Ten conference opener at 7pm CDT on ABC. Thoughts of revenge for last year are inevitable, but we caution against such things as motivation. Nebraska's recent history of "revenge" isn't the best. Our so-called "departure tour" of the Big 12 didn't go as expected, despite the motivation of "sticking it" to Dan Beebe, Texas and their friends. So remember Texas 2010 as you go about your business of getting ready to watch Nebraska play Wisconsin.

(Tim Beck, if you're reading this, leave the panicking to Bielema. He's the expert. Just stick with your offense - it'll work.)

Need motivation? Hate SB Nation's new layout? It's Wisconsin's fault! And then read this.

And remember, it could be worse. We could be Iowa fans.

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At 7pm CDT TONIGHT, Nebraska takes on the Mitten State Spartans in women's Volleyball. Join us here at CN as we cheer on the ladies to victory!

Huskers Host Mitten State - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

The match will be shown live on the Big Ten Network, with Kevin Kugler and Megan Bower with the call.

Fans can listen to all of the action with John Baylor and Diane Mendenhall on the 25-station Husker Sports Network, including B107.3 FM in Lincoln and The Wolf 93.3 FM in Omaha. Fans outside the state will also be able to catch the live audio feed for free on

Tune in tonight! GO NEBRASKA! BEAT SPARTY!

The Check Down Pass:

Shouldn't they wait until they inevitably decide to expand the NEXT GENERATION POST-SEASON FORMAT to an eight-team set up?

Which Wisconsin offense will show up on Saturday? Will Nebraska's maligned defense be able to keep Wisconsin in check like Oregon State and Utah State?

The last time Nebraska tried to pull the revenge card and talked about bad tastes in their mouths, we lost to the worst Texas team of the decade. I really hope there's no repetition.

Yesterday on CN (Okay, some of this is from Monday.)

Everyone is terrible.

ERIC MARTIN. Let's hope Eric keeps up his "#46 defense" through the Big Ten.

Our friendly neighborhood photographer Dennis Hubbard took some great photos from the Arkansas State game. Take a look!

Aaron finds a lot to like about the SEC, Florida State and tries to guess who'll win the PAC-12.

Brian takes a look at our fellow B1G blogs and finds that everyone is going to win the Big Ten, maybe.

(Have no fear - your custom, no work Google search for Nebraska football news won't be replaced. Yesterday was an aberration due to some update to the website.)

Hopefully this will help find the functions that you all were used to from before the switch. I can't fix the white space or the giant graphics or hair loss, but at least I can try and explain where we're going with this.

Football (3-1)

Good luck on Saturday, Rex. I hope you score a TD on every possession.



If it gets us another Suh or Lavonte, I'm okay with it. NOT HAPPY, but okay.

I wasn't overly exuberant. I don't know about you, but it felt inappropriate towards the end. I kind of felt bad for Idaho State.

As I note later, Ball is cleared to play.

We'll see how disruptive the linebackers really are on Saturday. I just really hope they don't back off if Wisconsin breaks off a big run. promise not to try and have Taylor pass 80 times? What? He did that at UCLA? Oh fudge buckets.

We do too, Taylor. Keep getting better.

Expect to see more Janovich as we get deeper into the season.

Some of the kids played football and some of them recovered from injuries.

They're kind of like undergraduates on independent studies. /grad student joke

Rose Bowl Jan. 1, 5 p.m. Pasadena, Calif., ESPN

Big Ten vs. Pac-12

Comment: The Rose Bowl gets what it always wants -- the Big Ten champion, which is now projected to be Nebraska and the Pac-12 champion USC.

Steele-Aid is getting around. #teamsunshineULTRA

Wisconsin (3-1)

I really hope the players can focus on this year's game. Worry about revenge after it's been served. It's a terrible motivator.

Again, Texas 2010 is a common fear with Nebraska's revenge language...

Could be disruptive to Nebraska's game-planning, considering our previous two defensive efforts against an uncertain opponent. According to Twitter, Ball has been cleared to play and expects to do so.

"No doubt," Ball said after practice Tuesday when asked if he would play. "I’m playing."

Glad that's settled.

Even if Ball is ready to go Saturday, look for a lot of James White to counter Nebraska's speed advantage.

The odds aren't in Wisconsin's favor but I doubt they've run out of luck this season. Bielema still has a box of Russel Wilson socks. (Despite his treasonous attack on the Packers on Monday night, I'm sure his socks are still lucky.)

Expect a lot of pre-snap motion from Wisconsin's offense and plenty of play-action, which may spell trouble for Nebraska's defense.

Nebraska Alumni Update

Former Nebraska volleyball players don't stop being awesome when they leave. Congratulations to Jenny Kropp!

Big Ten (33-13)

MNWildcat reviews the Big Ten's poor showing in the non-conference play. I think a B is actually not a completely bad grade for Nebraska. There were no championship expectations for Nebraska in the Big Ten going into this season, so we didn't blow it!

Tragic. Notre Dame couldn't suffer the additional losses in the new formula so they drop their real competitors in favor of recruiting beds and Benjamins.

September is over so Denard is off the list. Bell, Miller and Martinez make the list for the Big Ten.

Nothing of note about Wisconsin other than Ball's upgraded status. No reports for Nebraska, which is always good news.

Other Stories

Unfortunately, his colleagues will use this against Florida State in recruiting.

Al Golden really stepped into a crappy job and it's hard to remember he stayed at a crappy job long before O'Brien did the same at Penn State. There are good guys in college football still, and it's always nice to be reminded that we're all human.

Yeah. Okay.

The 124 rankings aren't used in any of the BCS formulas, are they? Nebraska rings in at #12. Indiana is the lowest Big Ten school at #113. Ohio State is the highest ranked Big Ten school at #8.

Nebraska rings in at #23, which is about where we are anyway.

E. Gordon Gee lives large on bow-ties.

Dan Beebe can help.

A tour of our more successful football cousins to the south.

Oklahoma wants to hire everyone else.

They have to put that esssec money to use somewhere. Coincidentally, that's 103,450 more than the number of people that can watch the Longhorn Network. - Husker Mike

Talk about brand confusion - I thought this was Minnesota, not a D2 school.


And here's your anti-Bucky propaganda for today:

Mascot Videos: Ripe with Humor!

Have a great Wednesday! Come back throughout the day for some more Corn Nation original pieces by our excellent writers and be sure to stop in tonight as we cheer on the women's volleyball team at 7pm!

Comments, rants, suggestion and cat photos, as always, welcome below!


- Salt Creek and Stadium

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